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Full House Gets Depressing

These videos really turn a nostalgic classic on its depressed head.

by Mallory Schlossberg

Full House was a pretty happy sitcom, right? Danny Tanner dispensed cheesy gems of wisdom about family with such frequency, D.J. gave awesome lessons in being a big sis, and Michelle was just so damn cute. How could anything ever go wrong in that fictional life in San Francisco? Now, with the video series Sad Full House, you can see what happens when the classic sitcom gets to its sad, melancholic core. Or, as some folks like to say, "sh*t gets real." Hat tip to The Daily Dot for finding these gems — these videos really turn a nostalgic classic on its depressed head.

Benjamin Apple, the comedian who comprised these clips and edited them to make the videos, has given us a few short, depressing clips, like "Stephanie's Mistake," "Joey Quits Comedy," and "Michelle's Mom is Dead" — all sad titles; one even sounds awfully morbid. These clips point out that beneath the surface of this otherwise saccharine comedy, there were some pretty disturbing moments that, had it not been for the cuteness (and John Stamos' hair), the show might have been pretty tough to sit through.

However, these are breeze to sit through, even if they do tackle some not so happy-go-lucky stuff.

Check them out!

No One Believes D.J.

No one! Not even Uncle Joey, and he's the funny one!

Michelle's Mom Is Dead

Also known as "the premise of the entire show."

Joey Quits Comedy

Even Dave Coulier gives up on his dreams sometimes.

Stephanie's Mistake

Note: This is not about that time that actress Jodie Sweetin did a lot of crystal meth.

Jesse Is Grieving

He had a nightmare about losing his hair! (Just kidding.)