46 Great Gifts For Men On Amazon

Sometimes giving a great present is all about luck. Other times, it's about knowing how to make registries and wish lists work to your advantage. Wish lists are basically like a cheat sheet to buying gifts, especially when you're trying to shop for great gifts for men on Amazon that really bring that wow factor and make for an unforgettable surprise.

If you're looking for cool gift ideas, Amazon's Most Wished For page can be an awesome tool for discovering all the most popular stuff the site has to offer. The page automatically pulls in all of the most bookmarked gadgets, housewares, grooming products, and beyond that are showing up on wish lists and registries, then sorts them by category so everything is easy to find.

Another reason to love it? Since the page is updated daily, that means you're always sure to have plenty of options in terms of variety. The only downside is that this page can get overwhelming, especially if you're not used to doing targeted product searches. That's why I've picked some of the most brilliant things that are currently climbing up the page's ranks, so you know exactly where to start — and it’ll help you find the perfect presents for the most important men in your life.

1. This Organizer That Keeps Everything You Need Within Reach

Although this organizer grid case may seem small, it has plenty of space to fit all your office supplies and work essentials. The woven elastic bands on this can be used for endless configurations and it has a conveniently zippered storage pocket on the back.

2. A Portable Outdoor Game That's Perfect For Beaches And BBQs

Ensure you and your friends are always entertained — whether in the backyard or at the beach — with the KanJam Ultimate Disc Game. It's lightweight, portable, and easy to pack and set up, so you can bring it anywhere — and since all the materials are weather-proof, you can even play it in the rain. Perfect for those who love to go on camping trips with their friends, this is a great game to always have in your car.

3. A Party Game That'll Have Groups Laughing For Hours

Though certainly not kid-friendly, this card game allows user to choose who in their group is "most likely to..." You can play with as many people as you want — the more, the better — but it's especially perfect between close friends who aren't afraid of calling each other out. With 250 cards, you can play for hours — or multiple times without worrying about it getting repetitive.

4. A Hydro Flask With A Handle

There's no such thing as having too many insulated water bottles, since they're always getting lost and are such a pain to clean — so this Hydro Flask is a safe and practical gift. It has a non-slip powdered coating and double wall vacuum with TempShield technology, so liquids will stay hot up to six hours or cold up to 24. Choose from 14 neutral and bright colors in four sizes.

5. This Set Of Double-Walled Whiskey Glasses Are Durable AF

For the whiskey or scotch aficionado, this set of two double-wall, 10-oz glasses is a winning gift. These glasses are hand-blown from borosilicate glass, which is thinner and more scratch- and break-resistant than normal glass, and helps these glasses stay condensation-free. The attractive double-wall design gives these glasses a stylish look, and more importantly helps trap in temperatures, so drinks will stay cooler longer because the inner wall helps lock it in. They can even be used with hot beverages and put in the microwave and still stay cool to the touch.

6. This Exfoliating Body Scrub That Targets Rough Spots And Flakes

Dry skin is no match for this rejuvenating body scrub, which is made from nourishing sea kelp and ultra tough sea salt that will go to work on dry, itchy spots, eliminating them completely. Because this is also formulated with soothing aloe vera and vitamin C, this scrub helps polish and protect skin, leaving behind a clear and even surface on complexions. It's also got nutmeg extract to tone skin, and reviewers say that it feels like an "ocean in a bottle."

7. This Roomy Backpack Is Lightweight And Folds Into Itself

This ultra-spacious and multipurpose backpack features several pockets, including an internal zippered pocket and two side mesh pockets ideal for water bottles and umbrella. It's made with tear-resistant nylon, repels water, and is extra reinforced in more than 31 places, so you can store a lot as you go. It also folds into a convenient pouch when you're not using it, so it's a great bag to bring when you're on a trip and might carry extra things back.

8. A Discreet Keychain For Storing Emergency Cash

This bizarre but super-practical item may look like a key fob, but it’s actually a compartment meant to store emergency cash in. It's the perfect gift for a frequent traveler or someone who’s always on the go.

9. This Beard Grooming Kit That Covers All The Bases

Taking care of beards can be tough if you have one, but with this all-in-one beard grooming care kit, it's super easy. This comes with a beard brush, comb, beard oil made, beard bam, and scissors for trimming.

10. This Super-Strong Cable That's Compatible With Virtually All Apple Devices

This reinforced USB charging cable has a 10-foot range, is built to be compatible with most Apple devices (including the new iPhone X), and has a weighted knot to keep it exactly where you want it. Because this cord has a unique structure and extra support along connector joints, it won't break and strain as easily as standard lightning cables do, but it's still flexible enough that you can curl it up and pack it in a travel bag when you're on-the-go.

11. This Innovative Grill Brush That Is Completely Bristle (And Hassle) Free

Cleaning a grill is about to get a whole lot easier with this 360 degree clean grill brush at your disposal. Made without bristles, this brush scrubs away gunk using hard-wired stainless steel, and does the work of three brushes in one innovative model. It's safe on all kinds of surfaces, including ceramic and porcelain, and works well on Weber, Char-Broil, and other leading grills. Because it's not a nylon brush like so many popular models are, this won't melt or warp over time, and because there are no bristles to wear down, you can be sure you'll get your money's worth with this brush.

12. This Small But Rugged Wallet Holds Just What You Need

This high-quality, durable, and really stylish wallet lives up to the hype. It can hold about 10 cards, has no top closure, and is made from polyester. While this wallet is sizable enough to fit what you need, it's not so big that it becomes a black hole filled with extra business cards, receipts, or junk you won't need (which is a big problem for some). "Perfect size to hold everything I need and small enough to keep me from collecting pointless business cards I'll never look at again," wrote one reviewer.

13. This Sturdy, Extra-Large Smart Notebook

This smart notebook is a great way to keep track of your ideas and never lose them once they transfer to your smartphone. Each 6 by 8.8-inch notebook comes with a Pilot Frixion Pen & Microfiber Cloth. And, you’ll never waste paper again.

14. This Two-In-One Holder That Keeps Your Glasses And Contacts Secure

When you're traveling, it's really important to have a case where you can store your glasses and contact lenses — and this one is unique because it functions as both. This durable case comes with a leather exterior, soft interior lining, and two compartments — one for storing glasses and another smaller area for keeping contacts all in the same spot.

15. A Sleek Smartwatch That Tracks Your Fitness Stats

This smartphone compatible fit watch lets you monitor a wide range of daily activities, as well as answer calls and texts. You can track your workouts with 18 Sports Modes: It can track your steps, calories, standing duration on the watch beyond the fitness tracker.

16. This Space-Saving Organizer That Keeps Ties Completely Sorted

Those big bundles of ties that are in your drawers, taking up space, will be all gone with this hanging organizer. Each rack holds up to 20 ties securely, saving vital dresser and closet space, while also providing one easy-to-find place where you can thumb through and pick ties to wear in minutes, versus always having to scurry to find what you're looking for. It comes with a 360 degree rotating hanger, so you can also spin this rack around to get a closer look.

17. A Set Of Wood Chips For Next Level Grilling

The perfect gift for any grill master (or beginner), this six-piece grill plank set includes a five cedar planks and a recipe book. These food-safe planks can be used on the grill or in the oven to infuse fish, meats, and veggies with different smoldering smokey flavors.

18. This Electric Toothbrush That's Perfect When You're Traveling

Not being at home is no excuse to scrimp on dental care, and with this super-slim electric travel toothbrush packed in your beauty bag or carry-on, you won't be. This brush comes with precision bristles that give 22,000 brush strokes per minute, a waterproof battery compartment, and a moisture-releasing vented cap, so water won't get trapped at the tip and turn into a bacteria factory. Your teeth will feel cleaner than they would with a non-electric brush, but at a considerably greater value than other electric brushes around.

19. This Balm That Works Like A Deep Conditioner For Beards

Keeping hair and beards velvety soft and nourished is easy with this beard butter, which basically works like a deep leave-in conditioner and skin moisturizer. The balm also delivers a one-two punch of hydration and nutrients to skin — and you can use it to to moisturize dry skin, too.

20. An Indoor Grill To Keep You Cooking All Year Long

This indoor flavor/searing grill delivers high-quality results at a fraction of the cost that bigger outdoor grills do, plus it comes with a non-stick plate, an extra-large drip tray, and a removable hood to reduce smoke levels. The adjustable temperature control lets you customize the right heat for the protein you're using, and you can also sear at high temp levels, much like you can do with a charcoal grill.

21. This Ab Roller Wheel That Gives You Everything You Need To Work Up A Sweat

Nearly 3,000 reviewers have given this 10- In- 1 workout ab wheel kits a thumbs up because this set is great for all kinds of workouts, including resistance training, physical therapy, home workouts, and more. Each of the pieces accommodate a specific exercise. One reviewer wrote: "This set is of the [highest quality silicone] and with the different [resistance] bands, they will take you from a beginner level all the way to advanced."

22. This Set Of Bright Tactical Flashlights

This ultra-sleek flashlight is another great pick for those who want a super bright high performance flashlight with high quality of 50,000 hours working life. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, handbag, drawer, or car compartment.

23. These Specialty Gloves Protect Hands From High Heat

These brilliant and rip-resistant silicone gloves offers high heat protection up to 425 degrees, meaning your hands will stay safe completely while you grill, bake, and boil. Featuring extra grips for no slip hold coverage, these waterproof gloves are also dishwasher safe and totally BPA-free, so they won't stain or retain funky smells that make it tough to use them over time.

24. This Stainless Steel Toe Clipper That Helps Prevent Ingrown Nails

These toenail clippers have straight edge blades, which is a shape recommended by podiatrists that helps prevent ingrown toenails. They're beyond durable and made from stainless steel, so you won't have to stress about continuously having to buy another set. Ergonomically designed for comfort and flexibility, these clippers also include a swing-out nail cleaner that has two grades of roughness for the perfect file.

25. These Cozy Headphones Block Out All The Noise While You Sleep Or While You Run

"My husband snores. Loudly. These headphones have given me the best night's sleep ever," raved one reviewer of these super comfy headphones, which help to block out external noise but also deliver relaxing tunes, whether you're trying to sleep or going out for a run. Because these lightweight headphones have a braided cable inside, the cord won't tangle or kink like others can. The band itself wraps around like a headband, meaning if you are sensitive to earbuds or bulky headphones, this breathable, around-the-head band could be a great solution. This also comes with a travel bag.

26. A Heavy-Duty Hair Trimmer Because Nobody Wants To Buy One Themselves

Let's face it — the last thing you'd want to spend your money on is a nose hair trimmer. So, if you know someone who needs (or wants) one, save them the $15 and help a brother (or sister) out. This one is made of stainless steel and has an LED light so you can even get those hard-to-miss hairs. It also has a lifetime warranty, over 5,500 reviews, and an almost-perfect five-star rating.

27. This Flexible Holder Mounts Tablets From Your Headboard

There are all sorts of settings where you might need to mount a tablet: in the kitchen, in bed, or against a nightstand when you're trying to stream a show. This flexible tablet stand and holder works in every one of these scenarios, and features a bendy gooseneck, thickened aluminum base, and works on both Apple and Android products.

28. This Travel Pillow Hoodie That Might Be The Best Invention Of All Time

This weird AF inflatable pillow that comes with a hood and is actually the most amazing thing ever. It's made from sweatshirt-like material, so it's super soft, and includes two drawstrings so you can adjust the hood and essentially block out all light, noise, and interruptions while you're snoozing.

29. This Pack Of Metal Stays Keep Your Collars Crisp

These metal collar stays — which are made from rust-proof stainless steel and are more durable than plastic alternatives — will easily keep the edges of any collar in place and keep them looking totally smooth. They come in a variety of sizes per pack and comes in a case that's easy to travel with. One reviewer wrote: "Great way to get a collar to stay down and look professional. Smart!" Another added: "Must have if you wear suits."

30. A Tracking Tag To Help You Keep Your Possessions Close

With the apple airtag, you easily set up a connection to can keep track of everything that is most important— such as kets wallets, and more by checking your Find My app.

31. An Anti-Theft Backpack That Also Charges Your Phone

No matter where you're traveling, this anti-theft travel backpack keeps your most valuable items safely stashed inside. Made with a hidden zipper, secret compartment, and multiple interior pockets, this bag is a great deterrent for would-be thieves. It also comes with a USB charge port to charge your phone anywhere, water repellent fabric, and retro-reflective tape on the front of the bag for night-time security. It's also got a hook to attach to any suitcase handle.

32. A Book That'll Motivate And Inspire Up-And-Coming Entrepreneurs

For the man in your life who's always quoting Steve Jobs, this highly-rated book — Tools Of Titans — takes a look at "the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers." Covering everything from "fitness, money, and wisdom," it makes for an inspirational, motivational, and truly interesting read — entrepreneur or not.

33. This Exfoliating Scrub Gets Rid Of Dead Skin Everywhere

This exfoliating loofah is lengthy enough that it makes scrubbing dry, rough skin on the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and other tough-to-target areas easier. One side is all soft cotton, while the other exfoliates, so you polish skin after you rub it down. Great for dry skin, eczema, back acne, and other common skin problems, this loofah will change your shower game totally. "The back scrubber is great! It allows me to get my entire back top to bottom and side to side," wrote one reviewer. "It takes care of itchy winter skin with no problem."

34. This Two-In-One Survival Tool That Shows You Mean Business

This looks like an everyday pen, but it's not — it's actually a tactical pen made from impact-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum that is designed to help aid in self defense. While this durable and rugged pen can help you when you're in a real jam, and includes a beveled edge that works well for breaking glass if you need an emergency escape (or you're Batman), this also works as a ballpoint pen you can write with. Discreet, reliable, and easy to conceal in a pocket, purse, or everyday suit, this tactical tool is a fun buy if you're invested in self-protection.

35. A Storage Unit That Organizes & Tests Batteries

Whether you're trying test or store batteries, this compact battery organizer is great and designed to hold different sizes and types of batteries. The locking lid makes it easily transportable as well as small enough to store anywhere from drawers or cabinets.

36. This Pocket Blanket That's Great For Hikes And Outdoor Adventures

If you're hiking or planning an outdoor trip and need to pack along a blanket, this pocket-sized option is worth considering. Although it's ultra-compact and folds up so small that it will fit in the palm of your hand, it unfolds to comfortably fit one or two people. Because it's also made from water-repellent and puncture-resistant material, this blanket is really built to last. When you have to fold it back up, just follow the easy pack pattern stitched into the blanket, put it in the storage pouch, and hit the road.

37. A Hat Liner That Absorbs Excess Sweat

A super practical gift for anyone who wears a hat — especially golfers or those who work in the sun — these hat liners absorb sweat, reducing stains, dripping, eye-burning, and odors. They're hypoallergenic and acne-friendly and stick right on to the inside of and type of cap.

38. These Deodorizer Bags That Work Wonders On Stinky Shoes

Stinky shoes are no match for these bamboo charcoal deodorizer bags, which have purifying properties that keep mold, mildew, and bacteria from working into the small, moisture-ridden spaces inside and setting up shop. These bags absorb excessive moisture and they can be reused for up to two years — just set them in direct sunlight for one hour every month and they're good to go.

39. This Bento Box Is A Must For Packing Lunches

Made in Japan and modeled after traditional Bento boxes, this dishwasher-safe lunch box is a great container to bring food in. It comes with removable compartments, a divider on the top container, a top lid that's airtight, and all of it's made with food-safe plastic. Put it in the microwave when you gotta go and you're in business. "Great Bento for the price and very sturdy," wrote one reviewer. "This box has some weight to it. It is well built and does the job."

40. This Popcorn-Making Tool Pops Every Kernel Perfectly

This innovative popcorn popper is made from heat-resistant glass that pops kernels in the microwave and is designed to make it faster, easier, and more painless for popcorn lovers. Just pour in kernels, set it in the microwave, and let it go. This lid and bowl help heat disperse and give you a perfect handful every time. It only takes three minutes, and you have the option to use butter or oil or leave it out.

41. This Activated Charcoal Cleanser That Helps Rejuvenate Tired Skin

Activated charcoal is all the rage right now and it works especially well for detoxifying skin, which is what this facial cleanser helps to do. The charcoal penetrates skin deeply to remove toxins, release clogged pores, and remove dead skin cells. This all-natural cleanser also features organic coconut oil, antioxidants like white tea and green tea extract to heal skin, and vitamin C that creates a protective barrier and fights skin inflammation.

42. This Hair And Beard-Shaping Stencil For Barber-Like Results

This curvy stencil can help you get barber shop-quality style without the cost. Just line this up based on your preference and use a razor to shape around this flexible tool, which comes with a bonus tracing pencil. One reviewer added: "I've had people ask me where I go to get my beard done and I tell them that I do it myself, they're like, 'wow!' This is a cool product. I can line my beard and mustache up perfectly like a barber does."

43. These Sloths Mean You'll Never Lose Track Of Another Drink Again

This set of six silicone drink markers is a necessary buy if you host a lot of dinner parties and are always scrambling to figure out which drink is yours. Shaped like an adorable sloth, these drink grips come in an array of colors and make a fun conversation starter. "These are just too dang cute! And much easier to put on that some other wine charms I have used," wrote one reviewer.

44. This Digital Measuring Tape That Takes Away All The Guesswork

This digital tape measure takes away all of the guesswork and makes it beyond simple to tackle all your measuring projects. Extending out to 16 feet, this tape measure has three memory functions — one that's short term for quick projects, and two store for a longer time if you're designing a room space. It's also got a metric conversion feature, and is made from durable polycarbonate plastic that's resistant to rust and other types of inclement weather.

45. This Multifunctional Tool That Helps Solve A Variety Of Everyday Problems

This portable multi tool has everything they'll need to solve a ton of everyday problems. It's made of durable stainless steel and include a hammer, hatchet, pliers, cross screwdriver, saw, knife, wrench, and more. It even comes with a nylon carrying case.

46. This Portable Charger That Keeps Your Phone Juiced All Day Long

This small, discreet, but ultra-powerful charger is portable and can really help you if you're traveling and in a bind without an outlet around. Featuring an ergonomic design, 1A output and 1A input, surge protection, and smart sensors that automatically detect and deliver the optimal charging current for devices, this charger is tiny enough that it can fit in a pocket or bag. This charger has LED indicator lights that will also tell you how charged it is, and works with most devices. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.