5 Times Mindy Kaling Was All Moms In Her Honest And Hilarious New Essay Collection

Nothing Like I Imagined is Mindy Kaling's third funny, insightful collection of essays, and it's coming from Amazon Original Stories.

Mindy Kaling is a rare type of media powerhouse. She's written for, created, and played some of the most iconic characters in TV and film — we'd like to have just one of those skills, please. Somehow, she manages to stay completely relatable to the general public, making us feel like she's the BFF we just haven't met yet. Anyone who's read her two hilarious, bestselling memoirs knows this to be true, and now, she's finally releasing a third.

Nothing Like I Imagined, out Oct. 6, is a publication from Amazon Original Stories, and will be available for free for Prime members as a Kindle eBook or Audiobook, narrated by Kaling herself. And thank goodness for that, because we need her self-deprecating wit more than ever these days. The six bite-sized essays, set over the past several years, follow Kaling through all the major and minor changes in her life.

The biggest of these changes? Parenthood! This is Kaling's first collection since she had her daughter, so fans (and new devotees) can expect plenty of frank, funny, and refreshing takes on her experience raising her mini-me solo. And, knowing her, we're likely in for some unexpected, unconventional child-rearing tips, too.

Whether you're partnered up or parenting as one, you're going to find something to relate to in Kaling's experience. She may be glamorous, famous, and one of the sharpest comedic minds of a generation, but in these essays, she's all moms.

1. She Gets Creative With Bribery

Whether it's handing over the remote control to get her car keys back from her child — yes, this really happened — or maybe using her closetful of shiny costumes as a distraction, we can't wait to see how Kaling employs her top-notch creativity.

2. She Knows What It's Like To Be Her Own Husband

Look, even if you have one, you know you've got to be your own husband sometimes, whether that means fixing the sink, playing catch, or nagging yourself to get off the couch and do chores. Kaling is no exception, although she's still searching for a real husband — who will hopefully resemble a beloved TV dad.

3. She Struggles With What Aspects Of Her Culture To Impart To Her Daughter

As Kaling explores in the essay "Kind of Hindu," it's one thing for her to pick and choose how Indian she wants to be on a day-to-day basis. But when it comes to her daughter, is it time to take her roots more seriously?

4. She's Completely Figured Out The Secret To A Balanced Life (JUST KIDDING)

Balance — what's that? Sure, Kaling works hard, is raising a child, and somehow finds the time to maintain deep and lasting friendships... but she does not have the secret to a balanced life. (Would you believe her if she said she did?)

5. She Relies On The Help Of Others For Big Things And Small Things

Asking for help: It can be tough, but it's a crucial lesson for any new parent to learn. In the essay "Help Is on the Way," Kaling hires a baby nurse to help her learn how to be a mom (pretty important)... but also to answer pressing questions like, "Why don't babies have kneecaps?"

This article is sponsored by Amazon Original Stories. Nothing Like I Imagined is available at www.amazon.com/Mindy and Prime members read or listen for free.