A Rising Social Media Star Shares Her Secrets For Creating Viral Visual Content

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by BDG Studios

For most, creating viral content happens by accident, a random whim paired perfectly with a moment in the zeitgeist. Yet for others, creating viral content happens by design. Marina Williams definitely falls into the latter category. The Utah-based photographer has been perfecting her craft for over a decade and currently shares her imaginative portraits as well as the secrets behind her techniques with 695.3K followers.

Bustle recently caught up with Williams to learn a bit more about what it takes to create viral images, simple tricks anyone can use to elevate their own content, and why Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G is a seriously game-changing device you’ll want to have in your arsenal.

First Things First: The Tools

Williams is quick to tout the values of a portable camera, a backdrop stand, and seamless paper backdrops paired with either natural light from a window or a ring light.

“The best tool to begin with if you have a love for photography or videography is a camera that you can always have on you whenever inspiration strikes,” Williams says. “I think photography is less about the equipment and more about familiarizing yourself with composition, posing, and color theory. The Galaxy S21+ 5G has made my job so much easier and given my content the edge it needs to stand out.”