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What To Remember About Alana From Matt James’ Bachelor Season

She beelined for Chris Conran on Bachelor in Paradise.

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Alana Milne from Matt James' season of 'The Bachelor' via ABC's press site
ABC/Craig Sjodin

As a dual citizen who spent her college years in Europe, Bachelor contestant Alana Milne has traveled the world. So she may have been trying to give Matt James a taste of Italy when she channeled Lady in the Tramp for a pasta-themed limo entrance and stole a kiss from the then-Bachelor.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to leave a lasting impression. Though she made it through the first rose ceremony, Alana was eliminated during Week 2 — so no, you weren’t the only one going, “Who?” when she arrived on Bachelor in Paradise and made a play for Chris Conran.

Here’s what else to remember about the 26-year-old from Toronto, Canada.

Alana's Job

Alana is a photographer and videographer who began working at her family's Toronto acting training studio, Milne Studios, in 2017. While there, she worked as the in-house headshot photographer, led the graphic design team, and facilitated events. After the pandemic reduced her position to part-time, however, she decided to take on a "passion project and move back to the U.S. to develop a "completely sustainable eco friendly and ethically made clothing line." (Though Alana is from Toronto, she grew up in San Antonio, Texas following her parents' divorce).

Alana's Instagram

Alana's Instagram is expectedly filled with bikini pics, selfies, and artsy travel shots in places like Portugal, Indonesia, Spain, France, and Amsterdam.

Following her appearance on The Bachelor, she posted her gratitude for the experience on Instagram. “Thank you for being so kind to me, y’all. I appreciate it more than words can say!” she wrote. :The amount of people who have reached out has made my heart so full. I love all of you! Everything happens for a reason and I’m looking forward to what the future holds. So grateful to @bachelorabc for including me in this season!”

Alana's Study Abroad

ABC describes Alana as someone who "has always taken the road less traveled," including when she studied abroad in Europe instead of going to college in the states. "After high school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. However, I did know that I wanted to see things, experience things — get out there and go," she wrote on social media. Because she "didn't grow up with a lot of money," she says a "big budget university wasn't really an option" for her.

"I needed to find a way to see the world on a budget," Alana added. "I found out how to spend my entire college experience (and time after college) abroad for far less than you’d think. . . . I wouldn't trade it for a thing and it helped shape me into the person I am today."

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