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Alex Trebek’s Death Inspired A Flood Of Touching Celebrity Tributes On Twitter

The TV icon meant so much to so many.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The loss of a TV icon has not gone unnoticed. After longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died on Sunday, Nov. 8, Twitter was quickly flooded with beautiful tributes. Numerous celebrities joined in, sharing stories of their friendships with Trebek, memories of working together, and how he impacted us all. The quizmaster was clearly beloved.

Trebek hosted the long-running game show for 36 years, and in that time, he built quite the following, including fans who would go on to become famous themselves. In his tweet, celebrated singer John Legend remembered being obsessed with Jeopardy! in his “nerdy” childhood years. Others, including Trebek's friend Ed Asner, shared the host’s best qualities. Many highlighted what a “gentleman” he was.

The View co-host Rosie Perez had a funny story about mispronouncing Mt. Vesuvius in front of Trebek, who appeared in the 1992 comedy White Men Can’t Jump with her. As he did with contestants on the show, he found a way to teach her the correct pronunciation. “He went right along [and] ad-libbed ‘checking with the judges,’” Perez wrote.

Trebek truly was one of a kind, and the celebrity tweets posted in the wake of his death serve as the perfect reminder of that.

Viola Davis Wishes A “Courageous Hero” Rest

The Academy Award-winning actress painted a beautiful picture of her wish for Trebek.

Ryan Reynolds Pays Tribute To His Countryman

Trebek’s had many great qualities, and chief among them for Reynolds was the fact that he was a fellow Canadian.

John Legend Revisits His “Nerdy” Childhood

The Grammy winner — and Ivy League graduate — is a long-standing Jeopardy! fan.

Marlee Matlin Acknowledges The Void

The Oscar winner shared a sad image.

Ed Asner Wishes A Friend Farewell

The Modern Family vet had nothing but lovely things to say about his late friend.

Chris Harrison Honors A Legend And A Gentleman

The Bachelor franchise host paid Trebek his due.

Ellen DeGeneres Sends Love

The comedian and talk show host thought of Trebek’s grieving family and fans.

Piers Morgan Celebrates Longevity

The British TV presenter shared some impressive stats from Trebek’s career.

Rosie Perez Reminisces About A Former Co-Star

The actor took it back to their White Men Can’t Jump days. Of course he noticed her mispronunciation.

Jimmy Kimmel Laments Another Loss

The Late Show host was sad to see another 2020 tragedy. Same, Jimmy.

George Takei Is Heartbroken

The actor shared his emotional reaction in a touching tribute.

Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Her Gratitude

Consider it a thank you from the masses.

Josh Gad Remembers Greatness

The actor said farewell to the legend.

Armie Hammer Answers A Question

Clearly, the Rebecca star was familiar with the show.

Nancy Sinatra Wishes Trebek Godspeed

The singer highlighted the host’s tremendous impact.

Mario Lopez Loses An Inspiration

The Saved by the Bell star included a photo that perfectly matched his description of the “legend of a man.”

RIP, Alex Trebek.