Charli D’Amelio Says She Would Get Back Together With Chase Hudson

“I feel like we’ll find each other again.”

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Charli D’Amelio is open to getting back together with Chase Hudson — just not in the immediate future. “We are so close that I do think one day in the future — I think it was the right person, wrong time,” she says in her new Hulu reality series, The D’Amelio Show. “I feel like we’ll find each other again. I don’t know how long it’s going to take but I hope so. He’s awesome.”

This comes over a year after the TikTok stars had a very public breakup. The two began dating in late 2019 and went Instagram official in February 2020. However, the next month Sway House members Josh Richards and Bryce Hall claimed Chase had been sending explicit DMs to fellow TikTok star Nessa Barrett — Josh’s girlfriend at the time — and even released a diss track claiming Chase was talking to other girls. (Chase denied the accusations, tweeting on April 3, “I love one woman. Do not tell lies.”)

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Shortly afterward, Charli and Chase announced their split in separate statements on Instagram. Though they both said that they remained close friends and continued to post about each other, things took a turn in July when Charli publicly accused Chase of cheating on her. Chase then went on a Twitter rant accusing several other TikTokers of cheating on their significant others, leading to a messy back and forth in the TikTok community. Eventually, Chase admitted to kissing Nessa, but insisted they were both single at the time. He and Charli also both apologized for airing their drama out online and confirmed they’d spoken privately and were on good terms.

About a year later, Charli appeared in Chase’s music video for “America’s Sweetheart,” a track he wrote about their painful breakup. Charli talks about filming the video in The D’Amelio Show, admitting she cried on set. She says she knew fans would assume the video meant she’s back with Chase, but wasn’t afraid of the speculation it would bring. “I feel like at the end of the day it was a chapter in my life that I never really got closure from,” she tells Dixie. “I don’t think either of us really did, so I feel like this will kind of be our way to really close things out and just continue our friendship in a very positive place to be able to move forward. He’s probably my closest friend so I’m very appreciative that I have him and I can kind of just tell him anything.”

As for whether or not she still harbors any anger toward Chase, Charli said that it “obviously took a while for him to gain my trust back as it would with anyone,” but that she generally prefers to forgive and forget. “I think we’re in a good place now to where that’s not something that I think about.” For now, she thinks they’re better off as friends because Chase “needed to really grow up and kind of find himself before he could be with someone else.”