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Are Iris & Luke Still Together After Temptation Island?

Everyone go to to Instagram to look for clues.

Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger in promotional material for 'Temptation Island'
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The fourth season of Temptation Island is close to its finish, which means audiences are getting their fill of one of the messiest shows on television. For the uninitiated, Temptation Island follows would-be stable couples on a trip to a tropical island where each member of said couple is courted by several hot strangers. The singular motive of these singles to break up the couple, or at least, be tempting. It’s certainly one way to test your relationship, which is exactly what Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger, two cast members on the current season, have decided to do. But can they withstand the island’s temptations?

If their Instagram accounts are any indication, it doesn’t necessarily look great for the couple. Since the season premiere, Luke hasn’t posted anything to do with Iris, outside of their promotional videos for the show. Iris is in the exact same situation, being that her only recent post featuring Luke also happens to be an extended video featuring the couple, with the caption “All I can say is yikes.” In the trailer the couple explains that they’ve been together for five years. In that period the only time either party was ever “tempted” was when Iris began to wander while the couple was on a break. Iris also explained that it was her idea to come to the island, to which Luke responded “I never turn down a challenge.” They finished their interview by stating that they both intended on leaving with one another, but as is shown throughout the video, both Luke and Iris appear to get close with several other people during their time on the island.

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As for their time on the island, thus far the Seattle couple has already had their quarrels. Luke has been consistently get jealous of the attention that Iris gets, which causes him to flirt to make up for his insecurities. While he did admit that it wasn’t the healthiest coping mechanism he didn’t attempt to change. He also enthusiastically made it clear that he was ready to succumb to temptation if he got the inkling that Iris was connecting with other singles, which resulted in plenty of fans coming to regard Luke as a walking red flag.

Despite the fact that viewers may be rooting for the demise of the couple, some eagle-eyed fans have speculated that the couple may still be together. According to Cheat Sheet, Luke and Iris attended Coachella together after fans noticed that a photo posted to Iris’ story was taken in a backyard that looked very similar to a photo that Luke had added to his story. Coachella is vastly attended festival, so it’s well within the realm of possibility that both parties happened to be there, independently of one another. However, that hasn’t stopped either Iris nor Luke from posting photos from the festival. We likely won’t know what the ultimate fate of the couple will be until the final episode of Season 4 airs, so until then we’ll have to tide ourselves over with more dramatic speculation.

What we do know for sure is that Luke attempts to turn over a new leaf. Despite the season’s turmoil Luke visits a jewellery store late in Season 4, where he picks out an engagement ring with the intention of proposing to Iris at the season’s final bonfire. He mentions that he’s ready to propose to Iris, which feels like a far cry from the Luke at the beginning of the season who was ready to walk away from his partner if she cheated. In some of Iris’ recent Instagram posts you can see that her left hand is hidden, and when its in view, you can see what looks like a band around her ring finger, however, nothing’s been substantiated. Audiences will have to wait for the finale to see if Iris ultimately says I do.