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The Temptation Island Final Bonfire Will Include A Proposal

Julian plans to propose to Kristen, but she might not say yes.

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Julian Allen and Kristen Ramos in 'Temptation Island' Season 3 via USA Network's press site
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Of all the Temptation Island couples, Kristen and Julian have been together the longest. The high school sweethearts arrived on the reality series with 11 years worth of ups and downs, during which time Julian cheated on Kristen twice. The two came to the show hoping that the experience would allow them to rebuild a foundation of trust, and their time on the island has certainly been eye-opening for Julian.

During an earlier episode’s bonfire, for example, he explained to host Mark Walberg that he “didn’t value” what he had in Kristen, owning up to being an “ignorant, arrogant asshole” when he cheated. “It was something missing within me. It wasn’t her,” the New Jersey-based personal trainer said. “My girlfriend gave me everything, and for some reason, I put that to the side. . . . I was missing something at that time that I don’t feel that I’m missing now.”

Armed with more clarity about his relationship and his past actions, Julian is now ready to propose at the final bonfire. During their last date, he and Temptation Island single Lauren “Tula” Poindexter went engagement ring shopping and practiced the proposal. Still, the couple’s future is uncertain: previews show a tearful Kristen saying she’s “done” during a bonfire scene, and she’s continued to question whether or not she can trust Julian or if she wants to be with him regardless.

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Julian, for his part, has admitted that he’s worried Kristen will say no if he pops the question, and she’s done little to lead viewers to dismiss his concerns. “My fear is, like, that he’s going to pass this test and I’m still gonna be in the exact same spot I was in before,” she said earlier in the season.

Kristen also stressed the importance of trust in taking her relationship with Julian to the next level, telling Walberg, “I don’t want to just get married just because we’ve been together for 11 years. I want to make sure that, you know, we trust each other wholeheartedly and that it's the right choice for both us. Right now it’s just try and see, you know, if this challenge can make or break us.”

Unfortunately, neither of the pair’s social media accounts have offered any hints about their relationship status now. Kristen hasn't posted a photo of Julian on Instagram since January 2018, and Julian hasn't posted one of her since May 2019. The good news? They do both still follow each other.

If, in the end, Kristen does turn Julian’s possible proposal, he already told Tula what he’d do: “Because I love her, I would have to let her go.” The ball is in Kristen’s court at the final bonfire; what her response is, we’ll find out soon enough.

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