Are Lisa Hochstein & Husband Lenny Still Together?

How do the Miami power couple balance love and business?

by Kadin Burnett
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MIAMI, FL - MARCH 19:  Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein attend the Citi Taste Of Tennis Miami 2018...
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After eight years away from the small screen, The Real Housewives of Miami is thundering back to prominence. On Dec. 16, the most outrageous wives of South Beach are headed to Peacock for their fourth season, promising yet another boatload of drama and theatrics from Miami’s highest society. While there will be some new faces entering the cast, RHOM icons like Larsa Pippen and Lisa Hochstein are returning to the scene. Speaking of the latter, how much has changed with Lisa in the eight years since we last saw her, and how much has stayed the same?

Lisa Is Still Married To Lenny

To answer the main question posed by this article, we can offer a resounding yes. One of Miami’s power couples is, indeed, still intact given that Lisa and Lenny are still together. In fact, their marital status is proudly displayed in Lisa’s Instagram bio. It mentions Hochstein spas and includes promotion for Real Housewives of Miami, before mentioning her children and marriage to Dr. Lenny Hochstein. Her bio even includes a link to Lenny’s practice for booking an appointment. Speaking of Lenny, his bio is similar to his wife’s, detailing his own exploits as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Hochstein spas, and his marriage to Lisa.

How Do They Manage Their Love Life?

“Date night once a week is super important to us,” Lisa told Ocean Drive magazine in November. “Aside from that, any free time when we’re not working is spent with the kids,” adding, “I love going all out with our parties, especially for the kids. It’s so special.” However, their relationship is more than just lovey-dovey excursions and events; the couple are in business together, given that Lisa manages the medical beauty spa facet of Lenny’s plastic surgery practice. As for how they make it work, Lisa stated, “Not seeing too much of each other during the day.” She also mentioned, “He works on the first floor, I work on the fourth floor, so we really don’t cross paths during the day, which is what I feel is the key to having a successful married work life.”

What Will They Bring To RHOM Season 4?

As one of the most preeminent cast members on Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa features heavily in the trailer for Season 4. While her husband doesn’t make as many appearances, they do share what appears to be a tense moment in the promo. The moment comes midway through the trailer as Lisa and Lenny are sharing dinner at a restaurant. She asks him, “We still have the spark, right?” Lenny responds, “Yeah, yeah,” to which Lisa says, “Right?” Lenny then closes out the conversation with an unconvincing “Absolutely.” However, based on what we know about the couple, they certainly know how to keep their spark alive. For all the absurdities RHOM has to offer, Lisa and Lenny’s relationship has managed to survive the dramatics, hopefully it will be able to survive Season 4.

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