14 Bridgerton Quotes That Are Better Than A Dance With The Duke

Proof, if it were needed, that Eloise is the best character of them all.

the bridgerton siblings in their finery on the steps of their london house
Bridgerton / Netflix
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Bridgerton has been a welcome distraction from lockdown 3.0 for many of us. It's become so popular in fact, that it spent a considerable amount of time at the No. 1 spot on Netflix UK, and has been declared one of the most-watched original series of all time by the streaming service. And while there are plenty of reasons to tune in (i.e. the Duke), I absolutely lived for the epic one-liners that made the script writing so damn clever. These best quotes from Bridgerton will remind you how good the series really was. Honestly, is there anything Shonda Rhimes can't do?

I have to be honest, many of these quotes come from my personal Queen, Eloise Bridgerton, whose star turn in the series has become one of its major talking points. Eloise is the ultimate woman's champion of her time, often coming out with one-liners about a woman's place and the desire to be something more.

Granted, she's not the only one featured on this list. The illusive Lady Whistledown also comes out with some corkers, as does lead character Daphne Bridgerton, too.

Whoever your favourite character is, I guarantee you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane, which features some of the best quotes from all eight episodes.

Roll on Season 2.

The Warning

Episode 1: “The brighter a lady shines, the faster she may burn," Lady Whistledown exclaims in one of her many epic monologues.

The Queen's Prerogative

Episode 1: “We all must know what the Queen despises more than anything – being wrong.” — and in the end, she's not!

A Sister's Protection

Episode 1: “I believe I should like to stay,” Eloise says when trying to protect her sister Daphne from being alone with a visiting Lord Berbrooke. “I believe you should like to go," her mother responds.

You Can't Hurry Love

Episode 2: “Dearest gentle reader, it is often said that those who marry in haste must repent at leisure. A sentiment that is clearly shared by Miss Daphne Bridgerton, who has apparently rejected not one, not two, but three proposals already this week.” Lady Whistledown’s marriage advice is basically a ye olde version of “don’t settle.”

A Woman's Truth

Episode 1: “You have no idea what it is to be a woman. What it might be like to have one's entire life reduced to a single moment," Daphne says to her brother Anthony when describing the experience of women at the time.

Strong Women — May We Know Them, May We Be Them.

Episode 2: “Having a nice face and pleasant hair is not an accomplishment. Do you know what is an accomplishment? Attending university! If I were a man, I could do that, you know.” Eloise taking a note of yet another double standard.

A Classic Eloise One-Liner

Episode 2: “Go on, then. Chastise me," says Eloise, the real star of show.

The Limitations Of 17th Century Womanhood

Episode 3: “If you desire the sun and the moon, all you have to do is go out and shoot at the sky. Some of us cannot," says Eloise to her brother during one of their nightly chats on the swing.

The Ultimate Glow-Up

Episode 3: “Why settle for a duke when one can have a prince?” But have you seen the Duke, Lady Whistledown?!

An OG Burn

Episode 3: “You would actually have to be interesting for me to bother spying on you," Eloise says to her brother, in another classic burn.

An Heir & A Spare

Episode 4: “Heirs have the responsibility. Second sons have the fun," Henry Granville tells Benedict.

A Bird Set Free

Episode 4: During a chat with Eloise and her bestie Penelope, Eloise says: “Why must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest? What if I want to fly?”

The Marriage Market

Episode 4: “I knew the marriage market would make rivals of us but I never thought you capable of being my enemy," Cressida says to Daphne, who wished to marry the Prince.

Daphne Steps Into Her Power

Episode 5: “Tell me what you want,” says the Duke to Daphne during a tender moment, to which she replies, “I want you.”

Love's Painful Sting

Episode 6: And one of my personal favourites from Lady Whistledown: “All is fair in love and war but some battles leave no victor, only a trail of broken hearts that makes us wonder if the price we pay is ever worth the fight.” If that ain't the truth.

Indispensable advice from the inimitable Lady Danbury

Episode 7: When the couple’s marriage became rocky, Lady Danbury reminded the Duke “Pride, Your Grace... it will cost you everything and leave you with nothing.”

The World Is A Bridgeton's Oyster

Episode 8: “You are a Bridgerton. There is nothing you cannot do," Daphne's Mother reminds her at one stage.