29 Debut Books UK Readers Should Be Picking Up In 2021

Avid readers have a lot to look forward to.

by Alice Broster
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Over the last year it’s very likely your life has changed in ways you couldn’t have imagined. It wasn’t a year for making big plans or certainty. However, in the chaos I’ve come to appreciate the small, certain joys. One of which has been snuggling under the covers with a great book and cup of tea. While it’s too early to start looking forward to trips away again, there’s some great debut books coming out in 2021 that will whisk you away for an hour or two (or even a whole afternoon!)

From love stories set during the witch trials, mythical lands living behind a world of rubbish, and some of the UK’s brightest young minds teaching you how to save, calm down, and work smarter, 2021 looks set to be an exceptional year in books. Many of this year's most promising debut releases are ready for pre-order and what better treat is there than a parcel coming through your door after months of anticipation?

Here are some of the most exciting debut books coming in 2021.

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