Betty White's 99th Birthday Plans Are Truly A Balm To The Soul

The comedy icon's agenda is so heartwarming.


In a time of chaos, Betty White’s 99th birthday plans are the wholesome fun we need. The legendary comedian, who was born in 1922, hit the big 9-9 on Sunday, Jan. 17, and ahead of her special day, she shared with the Associated Press how she’d be celebrating. Her adorable agenda is truly a balm to the soul.

To start, White will be “feeding a pair of ducks that regularly visit her Los Angeles-area home,” per the outlet. Now, feeding wild animals is not recommended, but still, the image of Hollywood’s favorite nonagenarian having a standing date with two ducks is undeniably heartwarming. It makes one wonder: Has she named them? Does she talk to them? Is even knowing this somehow ASMR?

The ducks aren’t the only ones White is expecting to stop by. Her friend and agent Jeff Witjas is set to bring her a hot dog, French fries, and a bouquet of roses. What a life. Her plans aren’t anything wild, and frankly, that’s for the best. There’s a pandemic, LA County is in particularly bad shape, and White needs to stay safe.

The usual online celebration, however, is taking place. White’s name began trending on Twitter as fans and fellow celebrities flooded the social media platform with birthday wishes for the Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore Show vet. They paid tribute to her impressive longevity, her iconic career, and, of course, her irrepressible sense of humor.

All the love shows that White has been doing something right over the years. Speaking to People, she credited her sense of humor with having helped keep her going. “Just looking at the positive side and not dwelling on the downside,” she said of her approach to life. “Takes up too much energy being negative.”

And, naturally, she couldn’t resist injecting some wit into her explanation of her birthday plans. “Since I am turning 99, I can stay up as late as I want without asking permission!” she quipped to the AP. You just keep doing you, Betty.