Billie Eilish Joined TikTok And Is Already Making Her Mark

The singer, aka coochiedestroyer5, already hopped on a viral trend.

by Mary Kate McGrath
Jim Dyson/Redferns/Getty Images

One more star is making their TikTok debut. Billie Eilish appears to have joined TikTok, and the musician's content is pretty much exactly what fans might expect. Although her apparent account still lacks a profile picture and a bio, she did give it the iconic username @coochiedestroyer5. The "Therefore I Am" singer also shared her first videos on the platform, including a #TimeWarpScan challenge and footage of her latest attempt to fit an entire ukulele head into her mouth.

On Friday, Eilish posted her first TikTok, using the Time Warp Scan Filter. The effect is similar to a panorama in that it scans down with a blue line, freezing as it goes, allowing creators to produce distorted — and often hilarious — images. The "Bad Guy" singer was clearly amused by the effect and can be heard laughing as it warps her nose and chin. She captioned the video: "#TimeWarpScan."

Eilish's second video on TikTok wasn't part of a viral challenge — at least not yet. "Do you guys remember when I was 15 and I fit an entire ukulele head in my mouth?" the singer asks her followers. "Should we see if I can do it again? I very much doubt it, but I shall try." And then... she manages to do so.

Eilish, who has 69.3 million Instagram followers, has not yet advertised the TikTok on other social media platforms. Fans speculated that the account might be a secret on social — especially given the lack of icon and bio, and since the account is currently unverified.

Whether or not the singer intended for fans to find the account, her followers seemed thrilled by the content she's already created on the platform. One fan on Twitter wrote, "Nothing is more powerful than Billie Eilish on tiktok with 2 videos, 0 following, and 3.6M followers." Another Eilish fan reacted to the singer's ukulele-in-mouth feat, tweeting, "Losing my entire mind at billie eilish joining tiktok and almost immediately posting this video."

The Grammy Award winner's TikTok debut comes just a few days after she dropped a new single, "Therefore I Am." Eilish wouldn't discuss the meaning of the track in an interview with Apple Music's Zane Low, saying, "This song is very, very up for interpretation. I'm very curious to see what people get from it and also what they feel when they hear it."

It seems the singer — who has not yet revealed a release date for her next album, either — has been keeping a few secrets from fans as of late, including where to find her on TikTok.