How To Visit The Real Blue Farm Café From Ginny & Georgia

You're going to need a passport.

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Georgia and Joe on Ginny & Georgia via the Netflix press site

Whereas Gilmore Girls had Luke's diner, Netflix's Ginny & Georgia has Blue Farm Café, a farm-to-table restaurant slash coffee shop slash late night bar run by Joe (Raymond Ablack). Because it's basically every dining establishment rolled into one, it's become the de facto eating and meeting spot for many Wellsbury, Massachusetts citizens. But unfortunately, you can't try out the menu yourself: the Blue Farm Café is as fictional as Wellsbury.

Joe's country chic establishment is meant to represent the kinds of places you would find in a quaint suburban town like the one Ginny & Georgia is set in. So it's no wonder that there are actually several similarly named restaurants across America, including Blue Door Farm Stand in Illinois, Blue Barn Gourmet in California, and New York City's Blue Hill Farm and Blue Hill Café and Grain Bar.

According to the Northumberland News, the Blue Farm Café from Ginny & Georgia was actually filmed using The El gastro pub in Cobourg, Ontario. In fact, much of the show's production took place in Canada.

If you're ever in Cobourg, you can check out The El for that Blue Farm Café ambiance. But for the food, just hit up the closest local farm-to-table spot near you.

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