11 Books By BAME Authors That Should Be Included On The GSCE Syllabus

Indie bookshop owners, authors, distributors, & agents recommend essential reads for GSCE students.

by Bustle UK
Bekir inanli/E+/Getty Images

According to research by education charity Teach First, pupils are likely to complete their GSCE's and leave secondary school "without studying a novel or play by a non-white author," per the Guardian. Reviewing the syllabus of the English Literature curricula in particular, Teach First found that the books "taught in most schools are not representing the multitude of perspectives and backgrounds that make up [the UK's] most diverse population."

So, what would the UK's independent book shop owners, authors, distributors, and agents add to the syllabus? Below are nine recommended reads by BAME authors, and why they should be studied by GCSE students.

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