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A Bridgerton Star Sparked Speculation About Leaving The Show

In this episode of Keeping Up with the Featheringtons...

Lorn Macdonald, who plays Albion Finch in Bridgerton, left a cryptic social media post.

As Bridgerton continues to dominate Netflix’s most-watched charts, one cast member is stirring up fan discourse with his sweet post celebrating the end of the Season 3.

Actor Lorn Macdonald — who plays Philippa Featherington’s adoring, sneezing husband, Albion Finch — shared a series of adorable behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

“Albion Finch,” Macdonald wrote in the caption. “What started off with cheese and a sneeze became a character I deeply care about. Huge thanks to everyone who made this a job I’ll never forget and to all the fans showing your love for this weird little dude. It means a lot. And to my Philippa. @harriet.cains . My partner in crime. It’s been real. Bless you.”

The caption made fans wonder whether Macdonald was saying goodbye to the show. “wait why has it been real, u wont be around in next seasons😢?” one asked in the comments. “Wait don’t tell us this is the end for Mr. Finch?! 😭😭 we love him!!! ❤️,” another said.

Macdonald’s bumbling character quickly became a fan-favorite on the series, with some fans calling Finch their “favorite green flag.”

During the show’s third season, which focused on Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), viewers got a deeper glimpse into the Featherington family, which included the loving relationship between Penelope’s older sister Philippa and Mr. Finch.

But with Penelope’s love story officially concluded, it’s unclear whether the Featheringtons will return to the screen in the future seasons.

Macdonald has not clarified his status, and Netflix hasn’t given additional details about Seaon 4. Showrunner Jess Brownell told Teen Vogue that some secondary character storylines — like the rags-to-riches Mondrich family, and Cressida Cowper — will continue.

Brownell has also said it’ll likely take two years for the Bridgertons to grace our screens again. In the meantime, fans can get their fill of Lorn Macdonald in his other projects. Catch him in the new Hulu dramedy Dinosaur, or the thriller Tummy Monster, which premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival this March.