10 Legendary Acts Who Shaped The British Drag Scene

In honour of LGBT+ History Month, get to know some of the UK's most famous drag queens and kings.

Danny La Rue was on the UK first drag queens.

Princess Seraphina

Princess Seraphina is considered by many to be the UK's first drag queen. Throughout the 18th century, Seraphina was a regular fixture in the gay bars of the time, called "molly houses", despite homosexuality being a criminal act in England at that time.

Culture Club/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Vesta Tilley

Music hall star Matilda Alice Powles (stage name Vesta Tilley) was one of the best-known male impersonators of the 20th century. Tilley's acclaimed act led her to international fame and her life story was depicted in the 1957 film After The Ball.