BTS Used To Work “28.5 Days” A Month & 8 More New Revelations

The global superstars also confessed how the pandemic “sapped our energy and killed our morale.”

The members of BTS stand and sit in chairs as they gaze into the camera
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Courtesy of Billboard/Sunhye Shin

1. RM on BTS’s lasting impact:

In a new Billboard cover story published on Aug. 26, RM said he wasn’t sure what BTS would be remembered for in the future. “When the dust settles and we come down from our pedestal, we’ll be able to tell,” he said. “At the moment, we’re standing in the eye of the cyclone. I don’t think we or anyone else can accurately say anything.”

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2. Suga on the the early days of BTS:

Rapper Suga opened up about the challenges BTS faced after debuting in 2013. “We made our debut through such a small company, and it’s been tough from day one,” Suga said. “My dream was never huge.”