Cassie Gets Candid About How Her Latest Bachelor Interview Really Went Down

Here's what viewers didn't see.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cassie Randolph may still be on good terms with her ex, Colton Underwood. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the franchise that initially brought them together. After appearing on Monday night's latest installment of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!, Cassie slammed The Bachelor for editing her interview about Colton, making it seem as though her ex was the only thing they discussed, when in actuality, it was just one part of a much bigger conversation. And she had no qualms taking the series to task in a series of posts on her Instagram Stories.

"So I'm a little irritated about a few things right now," Cassie stated in the video. "Just watched the Bachelor interview that aired and I feel like I'm speaking to no one. I've said this a million times, you guys cannot judge something that you know is edited and know nothing about. There was so much more that I talk about in that interview than just our relationship." In fact, Cassie hadn't even intended on talking about their relationship or following split at all.

"I went on there telling them that I didn't want to talk about and I wouldn't talk about it," she admitted. "We talked about my tattoo, we talked about reminiscing on Trista's season which was the whole point of going on, we talked about school, believe it or not, there's so much more to me than just my past relationship, and I think that's why I'm annoyed. It's just ridiculous how people can make assumptions on things they know nothing about."

Evidently, Cassie has been receiving judgmental messages from fans who were reprimanding her for talking about the breakup, though she insisted, "I said absolutely nothing." And if you look back at the interview itself, she isn't wrong. Though Chris Harrison did ask about Cassie and Colton's breakup, she kept her comments about the split very vague.

“I think we honestly had a really great relationship the entire time, and we got along really well," she explained during the episode. "It’s a sensitive subject because I feel like we’re still kinda going through it, and it’s still pretty emotional for both of us. We haven’t really talked about it publicly yet and I don’t know if either of us is ready, but I will say it’s been really hard." She also added that Colton's battle with COVID-19 "had nothing to do with our breakup at all," but refrained from going into any further detail on the matter.

Taking all of that into consideration, it's easy to see why Cassie is so annoyed at the whole ordeal. Though given her firsthand experience with the show's editing trickery, she really shouldn't be all that surprised.