Bling Empire Star Cherie Chan Is The Key To Keeping The Show Grounded

Her family may run a "denim empire," but Cherie's concerns are largely relatable.

Cherie Chan from Bling Empire via the Netflix press site

Netflix's Bling Empire is kind of like a real life Crazy Rich Asians, but one of the cast members who helps keep things grounded is Cherie Chan. Sure, she's an heiress to an undisclosed "denim empire," but she's also a mom who seems to dedicate more of her energy to parenting than partying.

Who Is Cherie Chan?

When the series starts, Cherie is raising her daughter Jadore with her boyfriend Jessey Lee and expecting another child; their son Jevon is born in Episode 3. Instagram shows that Cherie and Jessey are raising their kids together as they prepare for Bling Empire to finally come out after filming at the beginning of 2019.

Cherie's Job Changed When She Gave Up Her Pop Star Dreams

In Bling Empire's second episode, Cherie's friend Kane Lim reveals that Cherie almost hit it big as a pop star in Japan when she was younger — she was even signed with Sony Music. But Cherie's mother didn't want her to pursue a career in music, and it appears that Cherie did indeed shelve that dream. Her Instagram features some photos of her in the recording studio in 2012 and 2013, but she's never posted any videos of her singing and there's no available recorded songs to listen to online.

Instead, Cherie threw herself into being a mom and starting an organic tequila brand called Religion Tequila with her boyfriend Jessey.

Cherie's Boyfriend Jessey Has An Empire Of His Own

In addition to helping Cherie with the tequila brand, Bling Empire revealed that Jessey also "owns furniture empire." As of filming, Cherie said that she and Jessey had been together for five years, and despite having two children together they weren't yet married. There still isn't a ring on Cherie's finger, so it appears that the two haven't tied the knot since wrapping filming, either, though they appear to still be together.

Cherie's Instagram Is Pretty Fashionable

It mostly shows off her high-end outfits — what else would you expect from a denim heiress?

Her family also often takes center stage. Baby Jevon is already so old!

Perhaps if Bling Empire returns for Season 2, Cherie and Jessey will finally have their wedding. But, for now, their unconventional situation seems to be working for them.