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All The Clues That Clare & Dale Are Still Together After The Bachelorette

They're clare-ly in love.


For months, it's been rumored that Clare Crawley quits The Bachelorette after only two weeks to be with Dale Moss, the only contestant she's been interested in all season. Based on the synopsis for Thursday night's episode, this will be the week she makes her fated decision. But will it all be worth it? Are Clare and Dale even still together?

All signs point to yes. In October, an undisclosed source told Life & Style that the pair are “still very much together and in love." They're reportedly just “keeping their relationship off the radar” to avoid spoiling the season, but fans can rest assured that they "speak all the time."

Not only that, Clare was recently spotted wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger, which prompted a wave of speculation that she and Dale are engaged. She insisted on Instagram that she bought the ring as a commitment to herself "to embody self-love," which could be true. Or it could be a convenient way to quash rumors until after the season. "I do know they’re still together, and probably engaged," Bachelor blogger Reality Steve claimed in a blog post. "Do I know for a fact they’re engaged? No. But I assume they are based on things I’ve heard."

It's been clear from the moment that Dale stepped out of the limo that he and Clare have a connection, so it's unsurprising that they would still together a few months after filming. "It was one of those intangible, goosebumps all over the body [things]. Like, what just happened?" Clare told Entertainment Tonight of their first meeting. "I had never felt it before, and I never even knew what to expect with those feelings. When you have not experienced it or felt it, you don't know if it exists, but when you feel it, you know exactly what that feeling is."

At the time, Clare declined to divulge her relationship status, but did say that she was "very happy" while continuing to gush over Dale. Hint hint, nudge nudge.