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Girl With No Job Is Working 24/7

Claudia Oshry — better known as @girlwithnojob — is celebrating the release of her new stand-up special.

by Samantha Nik
A portrait of Claudia Oshry, rendered in three different colors.

Claudia Oshry is all funny business. “I love making people laugh — it’s why I do what I do,” she tells Bustle, and it shows: The comedian behind @girlwithnojob is as hilarious in person as she appears in her candid Instagram videos and on The Toast, the pop culture podcast she hosts with her sister, Jackie Oshry.

If her online personality is genuine, though, her handle is misleading. The “girl with no job” is busier than ever, with her podcast and social media work taking up only a fraction of her days. She’s also managing Toast News Network, the podcast network that’s grown out of The Toast (acquired by Dear Media in 2022); running her canned cocktail brand Spritz Society; and writing new material for her burgeoning stand-up career. In fact, she just celebrated the release of her new comedy special, Lean In, on Prime Video. “I love being in control of how the audience feels for 60 minutes. The opportunity to capture that moment and record it, like in my special Lean In, is surreal,” she says.

Lean In is peppered with Oshry’s signature hot takes, like those she’s recently shared on social about Taylor Swift’s latest album and her personal experience with the weight-loss drug Ozempic. “I hope my new comedy special gets as much attention as my journey with Ozempic did!” she says, joking.

Below, Oshry answers a series of rapid-fire questions, from her favorite ways to unwind to her secret to confidence.

Oshry at the Mean Girls premiere.Jason Mendez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What TV show are you re-watching?

Reba! This has been the light of my life. My reason for living. My joie de vivre is Reba.

What is your #Swiftie anthem of choice?

My favorite Taylor Swift song is always changing. Right now, it’s from TTPD (The Tortured Poets Department), of course. I’d say “Peter,” because I’m really loving that bridge.

What’s something you wish you were asked about more?

Probably the 5K I ran last week. The sheer fact that I ran a 5K is so monumental, there should be a monument erected in my honor.

Who is your dream podcast guest?

We have a list, and it’s always changing, but Jackie (my sister) would love to have Kelly Clarkson. I would love to invite Mindy Kaling on … and, of course, Taylor Swift.

It’s now the six-year anniversary of your podcast, The Toast. In that time, who’s been your favorite guest?

I’m obsessed with Shark Tank, so I’d have to say Mr. Wonderful [Kevin O’Leary]. That show means so much to me, and I feel like my sense of business stems from watching so many episodes.

What’s something that people are surprised to learn about you?

People can’t believe I do stand-up comedy — and from the outside, I can [understand why]. It appears to be the most horrifying thing. I remember when I tried my hand at it six years ago, I told myself if it was horrible I wouldn’t do it again, but I ended up loving it.

What’s your best-kept secret for feeling confident?

Whenever I go somewhere and I’m feeling nervous about my place in that room, I take on the mentality of, “Go big, or go home.” Either they won’t remember you or they will, and for me, I want people to remember me for making them laugh. Every room is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, too. You can be the person you’d like to be in any situation, and nobody needs to know if that’s how you really feel.

What’s your must-have beauty product?

A good base tan is everything, so I’d have to go with self-tanner. I love Dolce Glow.

What’s your unexpected getting-ready ritual?

For a very long time, I couldn’t get ready without my vape. I’m no longer a toxic vaper, so I like to have a ton of stimulation around me while I’m getting ready. I have the TV on, the Sonos speakers blasting, and someone on FaceTime. If you choose to pick up the phone while I’m doing my hair, you’re required to stay on with me for an hour — that’s just the rules.

What was your first date like with your husband, Ben Soffer, aka @boywithnojob?

I was a freshman in college at NYU, and we went to The Penny Farthing for drinks. Ben was already 21, and I was terrified my fake ID wasn’t going to work. I would have been so humiliated. But it did!

What’s your best piece of relationship advice?

It’s OK to go to bed angry. I think we’re told not to do that, but I actually think it can be better to sleep on something that you know you won’t care about as much in the morning. Some hills are worth dying on, but most are not.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.