Dakota Johnson Loves Lying To The Press: “It’s The Most Fun”

In a new interview with Bustle, the actor reflects on her tendency toward exaggerated truths.

Dakota Johnson talked with Bustle about lying in press interviews.
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Dakota Johnson’s press tour quotes regularly go viral — but not all of them are true. In a new interview with Bustle, the actor admitted that she loves slipping an exaggeration into her interviews, calling it “the most fun.”

“Sometimes when you’re in a ridiculous situation, you just have to be ridiculous,” she said.

Indeed, Johnson has been caught in a lie before. During her viral Architectural Digest home tour in March 2020, she proudly proclaimed her love of limes, which were sitting on a tray in her kitchen. “I love limes!” she said. “I love them, they’re great. I love them so much, and I like to present them like this in my house.”

The line immediately went viral, due to how much emphasis she put on the limes. But in a 2021 interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Johnson admitted that she’d been joking and hadn’t been aware of the limes before the cameras started rolling. “I was giving the tour and went into the kitchen and it was set dressing,” she explained. “I’m actually allergic to limes.”

Dakota Johnson with limes during her Architectural Digest home tour. YouTube / Architectural Digest

Naturally, the Internet felt betrayed, but also lapped up the mayhem. Johnson poked fun at the debacle when she hosted Saturday Night Live in January, coming across a huge bowl of limes outside of her dressing room in a promo clip. “Oh, love limes,” she joked.

Speaking to Bustle, Johnson talked about exaggeration in interviews, and how her quotes often get misconstrued. “I know I’ve exaggerated in this interview, and you can tell that I’m exaggerating because you see my face,” she said. “If it’s written down, it’s hard.”

However, she does sometimes get upset when one of her exaggerated quotes gets out of hand, like when people in her social circle believed that she sleeps 14 hours a day.

“I got into a funny little fight with somebody,” she said. “I was really annoyed by everyone in the world talking about my sleep schedule, and someone that I know was like, ‘But do you really sleep 14 hours a night? That’s amazing.’ And I was like, ‘Did you read the article or did you just read the f*cking headline? Asshole.’ I bit her head off.”