Flatiron Toasts The Release Of Emma Rosenblum’s Very Bad Company

BDG’s Chief Content Officer was joined by friends, family, and fellow writers to celebrate her rollicking new novel.

by Bustle Editors

Emma Rosenblum’s sophomore novel tells the story of a tech company on the brink of a sale that will make them all rich. The problems? The death of an executive, a suspicious business model, and a whole load of interpersonal drama.

Set over five days in Miami, Very Bad Company comes on the heels of Rosenblum’s debut bestseller, Bad Summer People, which captivated audiences with the story of rich people behaving badly in their Long Island beach town. Very Bad Company offers more of the same, but this time the stakes are professional as well as personal. The book’s dedication is to “anyone who has ever had a crazy boss, felt ‘out of the loop’ at work, or wanted to kill (or marry) a coworker,” so that’s basically... everyone?

The book has been called “a fun, decadent ride” by Kirkus, and based on the reaction of the crowd The Corner Bookstore on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, early readers agree. Guests including Lindsay Shookus, Dustee Jenkins, and Aya Kanai toasted Rosenblum’s success with cocktails by Saint Spritz, Cointreau, Redemption Whiskey, and Sinpatch Vodka from Tenmile Distillery.

As the night went on, groups peeled off to continue celebrating in bars across the Upper East Side, where they flicked through the pages of Very Bad Company in search of familiar faces. The contents of what they found will remain off the record — though as readers of the book will know, nothing juicy stays secret for long.

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Charles Howell, Scott Rosenblum, Barbara Rosenblum, Emma Rosenblum, Ari Rosenblum, Jared Weisfeld, and Casey Rosenblum
Emma Rosenblum with her sons, Sandy and Monty
Cocktails with Sinspatch Vodka by Tenmile Distillery
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Samantha Nik, Bryan Goldberg, Wesley Bonner, and Faith Xue
Drinks by Saint Spritz
Emma Rosenblum and Charles Howell
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Casey Rosenblum and Emma Rosenblum
The BDG team

Samantha Leach, Charlotte Owen, and Karen Hibbert
Emma Rosenblum, Kelly Millam, Kate Kelly, and Lindsey Valli

Scott Rosenblum and Zach Gibbs

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Claire McLaughlin and Brittany Leddy
Micaela English and Hannah Orenstein
Samira Shamoon, Cristina Alger, and Barbara McLaughlin

Photographs by Jordan Harris