Everything We Know About Mrs Hinch's Memoir, This Is Me

Instagram cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchcliffe has penned her fourth book, focusing on the highs and lows

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Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch is beloved by her legion of loyal followers. The 30-year-old has rapidly risen to stardom and for good reason: her clever cleaning hacks, product recommendations, and pro techniques quickly went viral, along with her profile. So it comes as no surprise that she then conquered the world of publishing, too. With three books out already, and a fourth on the way, here's everything we know about Mrs Hinch's upcoming memoir, This Is Me.

Mrs Hinch, aka. Sophie Hinchcliffe, announced news of the memoir to her followers via Instagram in an emotional string of videos that proved just how exciting this moment is for her.

"So today is a day that I wanted to come on as me and talk to you about something I have actually been working on now for what feels like forever, all throughout lockdown and before, and I've worked on it with an amazing team at Penguin," she said.

"For two years now I have had my Mrs Hinch Home account and it has been the craziest two years of my life. And I just want to start off by saying thank you, so much, for supporting me and loving me and my family. Just being there every day; we are so grateful."

She then announced the arrival of "my very own memoir," before adding: "Thank you Penguin for allowing me the opportunity to put everything into one place: the good, the bad, the amazingness, and some of the dark lows which have come with this journey."

What will Mrs Hinch’s This Is Me be about?

It's clear that the memoir will be different from the star's previous books, particularly in that it will give glimpses into her personal life, rather than solely being about cleaning and her Mrs Hinch persona.

"I try to keep my platform as positive as possible and as upbeat as it can be, but sometimes I don't address some of the good and the bad things that I read out there because it's slightly uncomfortable," she explained.

"My followers deserve a bit of what you're asking for, which is me as Sophie and the life behind Mrs Hinch, so I've been working on my very own memoir to be able to put everything, the amazing highs but also the lows that have come with becoming Mrs Hinch."

Hinchliffe has always been open about her anxiety, and expressed that cleaning is something she does to help with that.

On the Amazon pre-order link, she wrote:

Well guys, here we are! What an absolute whirlwind of a journey this has been so far. So much has happened in the last couple of life-changing years and I'm so excited to share it with you all: my Hinchers. You have been right by my side for every step of the way and I honestly couldn't have done it without the amazing love and support from this incredible family we've built together. It's often felt like a fairy tale but it hasn't always been easy, and I'm going to let you in on the highs and the lows as well as my biggest fears and my darkest challenges. Because this book right here, is me. This is me: Soph - the wife, the mother and the person behind Mrs Hinch. So let's do this! Put your Hinch Lists to one side, get comfy and join me on the sofa with a cuppa. Welcome to my world.This is my story.

When will This Is Me come out?

If you're a 'Hincher', you've got a while to wait to get your hands on the book – but not too long. It is scheduled for an Oct. 1 release. However, you can already pre-order the memoir on Amazon and Waterstones to make sure you receive it as soon as it drops.

Where can you buy Mrs Hinch's other books?

In the meantime, why not check out the other books Hinchliffe has put out into the world? As mentioned, she already has three, including her most well-known: Hinch Yourself Happy. In addition, there's Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists, and Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal.