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Carole Baskin Is Working With ITV On A New Show

Yes, really.

Carole Baskin

Mention the words “Tiger King” to anyone this side of 2020 and it’s likely they’ll know who and what you mean. However, while the Netflix documentary focused on eccentric Oaklahoma zookeeper Joe Exotic, now it’s his sworn enemy Carole Baskin that will at the centre of her own TV show. The Big Cat Rescue owner is working with ITV America to develop her own documentary – and here’s everything were know so far.

What’s ITV’s New Carole Baskin Show About?

Baskin spilled some of the details about her new ITV on BBC Radio 1 earlier this week stating that it will follow her as she takes on “the bad guys.”

She said: “We are working on an ITV pilot and I’m very excited about that. It will be covering the kind of work we’ve always done which is going after the bad guys and bringing them to justice, so I’m really excited about that right now.”

Baskin first confirmed that she was working on a documentary earlier this year. Speaking to Radio Times, she hinted that her TV series won’t have much to do with Tiger King and instead will focus on her work with animals.

“We are negotiating to come out with our own series but our series isn’t about that,” she said back in March 2021. “It’s actually about the work that we’ve been doing all these years which is to expose the animal abusers, expose what people don’t see behind closed doors to the public and then put pressure on law enforcement to actually enforce the laws.”

Baskin added: “So that’s what we’ve been doing for 20 years and I think people will find it interesting because they only see what’s on the surface, just like they only saw what was on the surface in Tiger King. But I think there is a thirst to know more about that industry and I think that that series will quench that thirst.”

When Will ITV’s Carole Baskin Show Air?

As Baskin teased on Radio 1, she’s in the midst of working on the pilot, so an air date is going to be quite a way off. Like all Tiger King fans, I’ll be staying updated – and will keep you in the loop too.

Who Will Feature In ITV’s Carole Baskin Show?

It feels safe to say the docu-series will focus predominantly on Baskin and her beloved big cats.

Per ITV America, the series will also involve Baskin’s husband Howard Baskin but other cast members have yet to be confirmed.

ITV America’s statement reads: “Carole and Howard are fun, intense, unpredictable, wildly driven, and, oh yeah, they’ve very recently become pop culture sensations. We’re excited this project will offer them an opportunity to propel their work in unconventional and heart-pounding new ways.”

The network confirms that the as-yet-untitled series will feature the Baskins, alongside others, as they “spotlight the histories, lawsuits and animal rights violations associated with various organisations.”

From the looks of it, the series will be staying clear from all mention of Joe Exotic, Netflix, and Tiger King. Not that many would be surprised; Baskin has been open about her dislike for the original series since it aired.