Fred From First Dates Will Now Write Your Break Up Text For You

Yes, really.

by Sophie McEvoy
Sky Mobile

Breaking up is never easy, but doing so by text is at least marginally less awkward than doing so face-to-face. And thanks to a certain master of love, even this has become a whole lot easier. First Dates' famous maître d' Fred Sirieix will now write your break up text for you, as part of Sky Mobile's Text-to-Ditch campaign.

Inspired by their service that allows you to dump your mobile network for another with just a text, Sky Mobile's Text-to-Ditch enlists the Channel 4 star to craft a "witty, poignant and carefully crafted brake-up text" written especially for you.

How do you do it? Simple. Send a WhatsApp or text message to 0736 898 2113 with the following info:

  • Your name
  • The first name of the person you're breaking up with
  • Something nice/affirming about them
  • The brief reason why your relationship is ending
  • And why you chose to use 'Text-to-Ditch'.

Voila! Expect a text from Fred. Do be quick, though: the direct line to Fred will only be open for a few weeks, through to the end of September.

"It's sad when relationships come to an end, but it is usually for the best," says Sirieix. "Everything happens for a reason as they say, and it lets us move onto better things. With more people choosing to break-up over text and for brief relationships it can be an easy way to avoid awkwardness, I'm on hand to write that perfect ending for you."

Sky Mobile

With lockdown restrictions easing and the possibility of relationships coming to their natural end, this is one less burden to worry about. Let the Sirieix do his thing and relish in avoiding the awkwardness.