10 Audiobooks To Enjoy For Free With Your Amazon Prime Subscription

You won’t be able to press pause on these compelling reads.

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Audiobook fans, take note. Amazon Prime members can listen to free audiobooks — and we've picked out the top 10 from the hundreds available to you, so you can start listening now.

There was a bit of confusion a couple years back, Audible replaced Channels — a feature introduced in 2016, which allowed Amazon Prime members to access free audiobooks and programs, without subscribing to Audible — with with Audible Originals. Prime members were left wondering whether they could still access free audiobook content from Audible — and if so, how to go about it.

Fortunately, Prime members do indeed have access to free Audible content, thanks to Prime Reading: a service that provides Amazon Prime members with a rotating library of books and magazines that they can enjoy as part of their membership. Now, subscribers just have to look for Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading, rather than Channels. The collection includes more than 250 Kindle Short Reads, Singles, and eBooks, at the time of this writing.

Below, 10 can’t-miss audiobooks available for free with Prime.

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The Beantown Girls by Jane Healey, narrated by Sarah Mollo-Christensen

After a Boston woman’s fiancé goes missing on the German front, she and two friends set out to join the Red Cross in Europe. Fiona’s on a quest for answers, Viviana longs for excitement, and Dottie’s musical talents make her perfectly suited to boost the soldiers’ morale. But WWII Europe isn’t what they expect, and new adventures bring new challenges.

Cut and Run by Mary Burton, narrated by Brittany Pressley

In Mary Burton’s thriller Cut and Run, a medical examiner responds to a hit-and-run survivor who looks exactly like her. Faith McIntyre didn’t know she had a twin, but that’s exactly who F.B.I. agent Macy Crow is — and as Macy lies hospitalized, Faith discovers that both of them may still be in danger.

Emergency Skin by N.K. Jemisin, narrated by Jason Isaacs

In this 2020 Audie Award winner, a man returns to his ancestral homeland, Earth, to study the planet’s past and present. His family left before climate change destroyed civilization, but he finds that humanity has persisted on the “graveyard world,” even if the residents look nothing like the people he’s used to.

The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon, narrated by Rob Shapiro

The first installment in the Chronicles of Saylok series, Amy Harmon’s The First Girl Child centers on Bayr, a chieftan’s bastard. Bayr must reckon with his mother’s final wish, which cursed the land of Saylok: for nearly 20 years, families in Bayr’s country have produced only sons. But everything changes — for him and for the world — when Alba arrives.

The Girl with the Golden Scissors by Julia Drosten, narrated by Kathleen Gati

A woman’s past as a foundling comes back to haunt her in Julia Drosten’s The Girl with the Golden Scissors. As one of the most talented seamstresses in Austria-Hungary, Fanny has come close to making her childhood dreams into reality. But as her nation goes to war, she stands to lose everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.

Graceful Burdens by Roxane Gay, narrated by Samira Wiley

Part of Audible’s Out of Line collection, Roxane Gay’s Graceful Burdens is a standalone short story about a woman who spends her days cuddling the infants she checks out from a “baby library” after she’s legally banned from having children.

If You Must Know by Jamie Beck, narrated by Susannah Jones and Therese Plummer

Freewheeling Erin and her estranged sister, the straitlaced Amanda, still live near their childhood home — though they lead very different lives. But when the sisters learn that all they know about their family history may have been a lie, Erin and Amanda set out to understand each other like never before, in Jamie Beck’s If You Must Know.

Kind of Hindu by Mindy Kaling, narrated by the author

Mindy Kaling’s memoir-in-stories is available on Kindle and Audible in six volumes. The first installment, Kind of Hindu, sees Kaling wondering how much of a role Indian culture should play in her children’s lives.

Sea of Memories by Fiona Valpy, narrated by Heather Wilds

Decades ago, Ella found herself torn between two charismatic men as her country headed off to war. When her granddaughter comes to visit, Ella seizes the chance to have her story recorded for posterity. But will her trip down memory lane bring peace... or pain?

Thin Air by Lisa Gray, narrated by Amy Landon

The first novel in Lisa Gray’s Jessica Shaw series follows a P.I. investigating her own kidnapping. Jessica didn’t know her biological mother was murdered. Now, she’s digging deep into Los Angeles’ seediest areas, searching for the truth.

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