Gomorrah Has 2 More Seasons & A Movie Coming To HBO Max

There's plenty more coming after Season 3.

Gomorrah poster from the HBO Max press site

Great news for Gomorrah fans. Not only has Gomorrah Season 4 already been filmed, but it's also been renewed for a fifth season as well, according to the Italian blog Coming Soon. The Italian TV series airs on Sky Atlantic internationally, but it was recently moved to HBO Max for American viewers. They can enjoy the third season on Jan. 21, with future seasons slated to premiere there.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max previously secured the American streaming rights for the first two seasons, pulling it away from Netflix. Now Season 3 will join on Jan. 21. THR reported that HBO Max also has the rights to Season 4, the upcoming Season 5, and the movie spinoff The Immortal. As for when these will hit the platform, Season 4 already aired in Italy in early 2019 and The Immortal debuted later that same year, so chances are they're coming very soon.

However, the streaming site could hold off for a few months to give fans a chance to watch and enjoy Season 3 first. For instance, even though HBO Max had the fourth season of Search Party in the can, there was a delay of about seven months between the Season 3 release and the Season 4 release. By that pattern, fans may be able to expect Gomorrah Season 4 to hit HBO Max in fall 2021.

Beyond that, Season 5 is slated to wrap up filming in Italy in spring 2021, per Coming Soon. It may then premiere for Italian viewers later on in the year. After that, it might be early 2022 before HBO Max is able to stream that season, which is also slated to be the final one for the series, according to actor Salvatore Esposito. But American fans don't need to worry about the end just yet. There's still so much left for them to see before the series finale even arrives.