The 12 Most Controversial & Unexpected Grammy Moments Ever

Will Smith and Chris Rock’s Oscars slap has nothing on these scandals, performances, and stage crashes.

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12 Controversial Grammy Moments Ever: Scandals, Speeches & Performances
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Nicki Minaj Performing An Exorcism On Stage (2012)

Minaj enraged the Catholic community in every way possible at the 2012 Grammys: She walked the red carpet with a priest, began her performance of “Roman Holiday” at a confessional booth, and performed an exorcism.

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J.Lo Inventing Google Images With Just One Dress (2000)

Today, J.Lo’s iconic Versace frock would just be another glamorous Grammys for the superstar. But when she wore that dress, it garnered so many Google searches that the company quickly came up with Image Search.