You Can Get DIY Home Improvement Tips From Design Experts On This New HGTV Show

David Bromstad in 'Design at Your Door' on HGTV

Amid the COVID-19 quarantine, people have remedied their stress and boredom in a lot of different ways. Some turned to baking sourdough bread, many found solace in playing Animal Crossing, and others focused their energies on home improvement. Enter HGTV's new series Design at Your Door, in which professional design coaches guide people at home through DIY improvement projects (over video, because this is still a pandemic, after all). Among the subjects featured are essential workers like an ER nurse and firefighter as well as a cafeteria worker and several families who are adjusting to their new at-home routines. However, HGTV was still looking for people to apply to Design at Your Door as of May 13. It's unclear if that's still the case, but it's worth a shot.

Those interested should email designatyourdoor1@gmail.com to apply and stay updated about casting call news on the HGTV website. But be warned: selected parties will be making any renovations themselves and should be comfortable being their own videographers. "If you have any special skills — such as painting, sewing, woodworking — please let us know," HGTV's site says. "Send us an email with your story and photos of the room you want to make over."

A teaser for the show features My Lottery Dream Home's David Bromstad, who is coaching an enthusiastic couple named John and Kelly Greenway. Their family moved from LA to Austin the same day the quarantine went into effect, and plan to tackle renovating their two sons' bedroom.

In addition to Bromstad, the slated Design at Your Door experts are Tiffany Brooks (HGTV Smart Home 2020), Tamara Day (Bargain Mansions), Grace Mitchell (One of a Kind), Orlando Soria (Build Me Up), Alison Victoria (Windy City Rehab), Dave and Jenny Marrs (Fixer to Fabulous), and Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb (A Very Brady Renovation), according to People.

If this DIY, film-it-yourself format proves to be successful, perhaps Design at Your Door will return for another season. Until then, they can watch Season 1 for tips to try yourself even if you don't end up on the show.