When We Can Expect S4 Of The Handmaids Tale To Air In The UK

Hulu have just dropped a full-length trailer for the new season.

The end of last season on The Handmaid's Tale saw (spoiler alert) June and the other handmaids help a huge group of children board a plane and escape Gilead for good, but sadly, June herself still did not make it out. In fact, she ended up being shot by a guard, and the last we saw of her, she was being carried off by Janine and other recognisable handmaids. The new trailer for season four has proven she is very much alive; here's what else we know, including how to watch season four of The Handmaids Tale in the UK.

First, let's start with the new teaser trailer. Prior to this, we'd only really seen shot snippets of promo for the new episodes, which was largely strung together with clips from previous seasons. This is the first real view into what we can expect from the show moving forward, and it certainly does not disappoint.

It's very clear that June's leading the resistance, while none other than Oprah takes on the role of a radio host helping with the efforts. As well as snippets of June starting the war that will (hopefully) one day free America from the takeover of Gilead, the trailer also shows us clips of Nick, Hannah, and other major characters.

It also ends with a heavy suggestion that June finally makes it across the border to safety in Canada, although whether her daughter Hannah will be joining her, we'll have to wait and see.

For those wondering when they can fully enjoy the new season, we hopefully won't have too long to wait. Hulu (its U.S. broadcaster) has announced series four will drop on April 28, and while Channel 4 has not confirmed when UK residents will be getting it, we can only assume it'll be shortly afterwards, based on previous years' release schedules.

Digital Spy reports that, like with previous three series, we can expect to have an initial drop of the first three episodes, followed by each new one shown weekly.