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I May Destroy You Is "Littered" With Easter Eggs, Says Michaela Coel

Not that we needed another excuse to rewatch the groundbreaking show.

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Michaela Coel in BBC's 'I May Destroy You'
BBC/Various Artists Ltd and FALKNA/Natalie Seery

From the powerful writing to the production, Michaela Coel's groundbreaking drama series I May Destroy You has deservingly been deemed a "masterpiece" by fans and critics alike. While the BBC aired the program's explosive finale on July 14, there may be even more reason to instantly give the show a re-watch for its multiple hidden messages. I May Destroy You creator and star, Michaela Coel, has hinted there were Easter Eggs planted throughout the series.

Speaking on the Obsessed with… I May Destroy You podcast, Coel said: "there are Easter eggs littered all over that show and I think you have to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch to really begin enjoying it." But surely, we can't be blamed for missing them the first time around, given the storyline, themes, and symbolism at play all at once. Plus, the cast's captivating performances, too.

The show's hair and makeup artist Bethany Swan explained just how much thought went into every decision on the show when speaking to Metro: “When we first meet Arabella, she has pink hair. From an outside perspective, this colour exudes confidence, but it’s a pale washed-out pink, it has long dark roots, it feels tired, well-loved and lived in.”

"This is the state of mind we find her in, emotionally drained, and with writer’s block," she added. "We expanded on the symbolism behind Arabella’s pink hair, as it was mirrored on our young Theo with streaks of it through her hair too. Michaela wanted the pink to reflect the trauma that both women experience.”

Whilst viewers are still reflecting on the series (as well as trying to spot Easter Eggs), many wonder what's next for the writing/acting powerhouse.

Speaking to podcast presenter Sophie Duker, Coel also teased to new projects. “It is in the back of my mind,” she explained, “and I keep telling this idea to wait because we’ve got to finish giving birth to I May Destroy You before I start thinking about having other children!”

Well, we can't wait, Coel. But in the meantime, we'll be rewatching I May Destroy You on the hunt for Easter eggs...

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