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7 Of The Most Memorable I’m A Celeb Feuds

From Kim Woodburn’s disdain of Katie Price to Lady C having an issue with pretty much everyone in camp.

I'm A Celeb 2009 contestants Gino D'Acampo and Kim Woodburn do a quiz in camp

Whether in the Australian bush or Gwrych Castle, there will always be drama in the I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! camp. Spending 24 hours a day together for three weeks and rationed food will do that to the best of people, let alone celebs. But even before they set foot in the castle keep for the 2021 series, some viewers spotted a potential feud brewing between Arelene Philips and David Ginola.

This has yet to amount to anything, but Philips and Naughty Boy have so far been the main instigators of drama within the first week. From threats of leaving to complaining about pretty much everything in camp, it’s only a matter of time before tensions surmount and something sets someone off.

And it’s not rare for a clash of personalities to emerge, which seems to be the case with Naughty Boy and the rest of the camp. Famously, Matthew Wright and Alfonso Ribeiro did not get on in series 13, and neither did Edwina Currie and Kendra Wilkinson the following year. But thankfully for those celebs, they eventually made up and the camp was much better for it.

But having been on for two decades now, a lot of feuds have emerged across the series run – no matter the location. Even to the point that it’s caused a few campmates to leave the show altogether.

While it’s still early days for a feud within 2021’s alum, there’s already been tears, a heated discussion over exactly how rice is cooked, and even a mass evacuation due to Storm Arwen. So as we prepare for even more disagreements and drama, here’s a look at the most memorable feuds across I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

Janet Street-Porter & Brian Harvey

Being in charge of cooking is a stressful task in camp, especially when other campmates continuously hover over what you’re doing. But when East 17’s Brian Harvey farted within the vicinity of the stove, it was the last straw for journalist Janet Street-Porter.

The journalist absolutely lost it, which led to a very heated argument regarding the etiquette of breaking wind. While short, the feud between Street-Porter and Harvey led the East 17 member to quit the show altogether.

Janice Dickinson & Lynn Franks

American model Janice Dickinson and PR guru Lynne Franks absolutely despised each other from the get-go in Season 7 — so much so that I’m A Celeb put together a 12-minute compilation of their bickering.

Their immediate clash of personalities resulted in a row on the first night in camp, and the animosity continued until Franks was voted off the series. “If I never see her again as long as I live, that will be fine,” Franks said in her exit interview. “The thing that I can’t bear is that she’s two-faced and plays up for the cameras.”

Nicola Appleton & Sophie Anderton

In the same season, All Saints’ Nicola Appleton and model Sophie Anderton couldn’t see eye to eye whatsoever. The tension between the two eventually sparked a huge row in the middle of a challenge, which saw Appleton accusing Anderton of wanting to be in front of the camera and not taking her fear of heights seriously.

“She tried to do her best to turn the public against me, and it completely backfired on her,” Anderton said in an I’m A Celeb special. Appleton would later leave the show after being voted to do a fifth trial, a few days after Harvey’s exit.

David Van Day & Nicola McLean

As a late entry into the camp in Season 8, pop star David Van Day didn’t exactly make himself welcome. After demanding that he be given a bed, the rest of camp already formed a pretty strong opinion of the singer – especially model Nicola McLean.

Tensions rose exponentially between the two, to the point where they’d constantly make snide remarks at each other whenever they got the chance. Essentially, Day’s idea of humour didn’t go down too well at all, at McLean didn’t shy away from calling him out.

When McLean eventually left before Day, she gave him a parting remark. “Your game is very good, better than mine,” she told the singer. “Watch out everyone, there’s a snake in the camp.”

Lady C & The Rest Of The Camp

Series 15 saw the reign of Lady C, who had a feud with literally everyone in camp. No issue was too small for the author and socialite’s notice and it provided viewers at home with some rather creative insults including “chippy oik” and “pretentious piffler”.

However, there were a few celebs that she disdained more than others, including Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley, television presenter Yvette Fielding, and American dancer Brian Friedman.

Kim Woodburn & Katie Price

Following Katie Price’s return to the series in its ninth run, her appearance didn’t go down too well with one particular campmate. After Price asked the camp whether they thought she was different to their preconceived opinions of her, TV personality Kim Woodburn didn’t hold back.

“You are what I thought you’d be,” Woodburn said. “You’re a publicity seeker, you live and die for publicity and you do it well.” Essentially, Woodburn already had a dislike for Price outside the Australian bush, and I’m A Celeb gave her the opportunity to say what she thought of the media personality to her face.

Larry Lamb, Danny Baker & Martin Roberts

As another late entry in series 16, Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts didn’t fit well into the already established camp. One campmate in particular had it out for the presenter – actor Larry Lamb.

After Roberts tried — and failed — to rectify a trial situation by having the two celebs up for it pick a short straw, Lamb took Roberts to one side to basically tell him to stop being annoying. “Martin hasn’t actually done anything wrong though,” Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt said from afar, after stumbling across the confrontation.

On top of that, radio DJ Danny Baker didn’t seem too fond of Roberts either, and snapped at him for forgetting to get the water after winning some stars for camp. This eventually led Roberts to get really upset by the fire, but thankfully former England footballer Wayne Bridge was there to console him.