All These Photos Were Taken On An iPhone

A new exhibition at the International Center of Photography spotlights five emerging Black artists who have documented the unseen parts of their day.

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Brad Ogbonna, Paul & Peter, 2021
© Brad Ogbonna
© Isaac West
The exhibition was assembled by Isolde Brielmaier, the Center’s curator-at-large, with each artist asked to capture images that reflect their internal lives. Keep reading to discover the artists featured (and yes, all the images were captured on an iPhone, making this exhibition one of the first of its kind).

© Arielle Bobb-Willis

Arielle Bobb-Willis

Bobb-Willis’ photographs of Billie Eilish for the cover of the New York Times Magazine put her in the spotlight, but the artist has a long history of chronicling her own experience with depression.

Arielle Bobb-Willis, New Orleans 01, 2021. © Arielle Bobb-Willis