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If You Thought High School Was Bad, Wait Until You Watch This Lifetime Movie

Beatrice has way bigger problems than adjusting to a new school.

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If you thought your high school experience was bad, wait until you watch Murder in the Vineyard. The new Lifetime movie centers around Emma (Helena Mattson) and her teenage daughter Beatrice (Emma Fuhrmann), who move from a big city to a small town. At first, they seem to have everything going for them: Emma's career is thriving and Beatrice has no problem making friends in her new school, even catching the eye of a popular classmate. But because this is a Lifetime movie with murder in the title, that doesn't last for long.

Beatrice's popularity ends up putting a target on her back, and she's hazed at a party by an unknown assailant. Afterward, she's increasingly harassed by mysterious bullies, and no one can explain why. Emma wants to protect her daughter, but that might not be enough when things turn deadly. "These grapes of wrath leave someone dead on the vine," the trailer teases.

Though hazing and bullying are very real issues in high schools, it doesn't appear that Murder in the Vineyard is based on a true story. If that's what you're after, Lifetime has plenty of options: their Ripped from the Headlines series is full of movies based on real cases. Otherwise, make some popcorn, settle into your couch, and hope that Emma can get to her daughter before these enigmatic bullies do.