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Jason Lannister Makes A Power Play In House Of The Dragon

In true Lannister fashion, Jason arrives with an agenda in Episode 3.

Jefferson Hall as Jason Lannister in 'House of the Dragon'
Ollie Upton

The HBO spin-off, House of the Dragon, does not hesitate when name-dropping some of the most memorable houses from Game of Thrones. The Baratheons, the Tyrells, and even the beloved Starks all have gotten a shoutout in the first two episodes. But in Episode 3, we got up close and reacquainted with one of Westeros’ most contentious houses: the Lannisters. Remember them? Cersei? Jaime? Tywin? Tyrion? You’ll recall them as the blond-haired lions who always pay their debts.

Well, about 200 years before Joffrey (briefly) ruled Westeros, the Lannisters were still a politically motivated family from Casterly Rock. House of the Dragon Episode 3 introduces Jason Lannister (Jefferson Hall), who, as fans have come to expect from the family, has his own plans to gain power and access to the throne.

Who Is Jason Lannister?

Before we meet Jason, we meet his twin brother Tyland (Jefferson Hall), who’s a part of the king’s council. He’s attempting to urge the king to aid in the now-three-year war with the Crabfeeder. However, Viserys (Paddy Considine) is far too concerned with the royal hunt in the Kingswood. Upon arriving for the hunt, Jason immediately takes a liking to Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock). When Jason finds her alone, he starts a conversation, and the princess indulges him. He prattles on about all the wonders of Casterly Rock and says he hopes to build a dragon pit there one day. That catches Rhaenyra’s attention, and she soon learns that Jason wants her to be his wife, much to her dismay.

Ollie Upton/HBO

Later, the episode sees Jason presenting the king with a gift for Prince Aegon — a gold and red spear. He also uses the moment to tell the king of his interest in marrying the princess and joining their houses, mainly because he assumes that the king will change the succession order to allow his new son to become the ruler of Westeros instead of Rhaenyra. That assumption doesn’t sit well with the king. “That man’s pride has pride,” Viserys tells Otto in a later conversation.

How Is Jason Lannister Related To The Game Of Thrones Characters?

In George R. R. Martin’s books, Jason becomes the Lord of Casterly Rock, holding the titles of the Shield of the Lannisport and Warden of the West. Like his character in the show, his attempts to woo Rhaenyra prove unfruitful. Ultimately, he sides against the princess when the war of succession breaks out.

As for Jason’s connections to the Lannisters of Game of Thrones, it gets a little tricky. This Jason Lannister from House of the Dragon is an ancestor of Gerold Lannister. Gerold would go on to father four children, one of whom was also named Jason. Jason, Son of Gerold, had a daughter named Joanna. She would marry Tywin and give birth to twins Cersei and Jaime before she died giving birth to Tyrion.

So, while Jason might not be a central player in House of the Dragon, fans will likely see more of the Lannisters as the kingdom descends into the Targaryen’s inevitable civil war.