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Everything To Know About Laurel From Love Island Season 2

The eyelash extension tech has traveled the world.

Laurel Goldman from 'Love Island' Season 2
Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

With her and Carrington's coupling on the rocks, Love Island Season 2's Laurel Goldman's family stepped in at just the right time. "The fact they were so accepting of Carrington even after everything we've been through these past couple of days, it was the icing on the cake," the 22-year-old Oxford, Alabama, native, said following a "family day" video chat. "I feel like that brought us even closer than we were before. Like, I feel like we needed that."

Get to know more about what else keeps Laurel grounded in reality, below.

She co-owns an eyelash extension studio.

Her Auburn, Alabama, salon Laurel Lynn Lashes had been closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but she and partner Janie Lynn are officially back in business. They're even now offering eyelash extension training classes as their company continues to expand.

She's an Auburn University grad.

Laurel recently received a business administration degree. "Is college a waste of money?? tbd — I'm only joking, relaxxxx mom & dad ;)" she captioned a July 26 Instagram photo in her cap and gown.

She loves to travel.

Along with a July 13 Instagram photo of herself on a swing in the Dominican Republic, Laurel wrote that she's been missing her vacations. And judging from Laurel's Instagram page, she's taken plenty, to places like Italy's Amalfi Coast; Santorini and Athens, Greece; and Paris, France.

She has a background in retail.

According to Laurel's LinkedIn page, she worked as an assistant manager at an Alabama Maurice's, and has most recently served as a beauty supervisor at Victoria's Secret. "I am a values-based leader that believes inclusion is what makes us stronger," she wrote in her LinkedIn bio, adding that she's "passionate about women's empowerment."

She's a Libra.

Laurel celebrated her 21st birthday on October 1, 2018, jokingly captioning an Instagram photo, "what’s 9+10?"