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Vivica A. Fox Is Back With Another Lifetime Movie About Conniving Men

The Wrong Stepfather follows a Karen who falls for the wrong guy.

Vivica A. Fox stars in The Wrong Stepfather.

Another Friday night, another Vivica A. Fox Lifetime movie. This time, the network veteran is starring in The Wrong Stepfather. She plays a high school principal who grows concerned when her friend and colleague, Karen, starts dating college advisor Craig Green. After the two get engaged, Karen begins to realize something is off, leaving her to wonder if perhaps this man is the wrong stepfather for her daughter after all.

The Wrong Stepfather isn’t based on a true story, but it is the latest installment in Lifetime's Wrong film series, for which Fox serves as a star and executive producer. Since its launch in 2016, a total of 17 movies have been made within the franchise, including this year’s The Wrong Wedding Planner and The Wrong Stepfather. Each premise is different, but the underlying theme remains constant: the female protagonist encounters a person (whether it be a babysitter, love interest, or otherwise) who turns out to be wrong for them. It’s a life lesson that Fox hopes will educate viewers to always proceed with caution.

“There's always a subtle message for women to take away from our films,” Fox told O magazine in a recent interview. “The movies are about how one can get charmed — especially women. If you're feeling a little lonely, we get ourselves into situations that we shouldn't.” And as for what men should take away from the films? “It's a lesson for men not to be the wrong boy next door, or the wrong stepfather,” she added.

Fox went on to explain that she has a hand in pretty much every creative aspect of the franchise, and she has plenty of ideas for future installments. "[The movies] keep getting better and better. I now have actors hitting me up like, 'Hey girl, I wouldn't mind being in one of your Wrong movies.' It's gotten notoriety,'" she told O. “I was interviewing with Billy Bush the other day, and he's like, ‘Vivica, I'll be in one.’ And I said, ‘Good! We can do The Wrong Reporter.’ The titles are endless."

Apart from Fox, the cast of The Wrong Stepfather includes Krista Allen, Corin Nemec, William McNamara. Catch it on Friday, July 31 to see if Fox can prevent her friend from putting her daughter (and herself) in serious danger.