Lili Reinhart's Chemical Hearts Trailer Is The Total Opposite Of Riverdale

No murder or bear attacks here.

Lili Reinhart's Chemical Hearts Trailer
Amazon Prime / YouTube

Lili Reinhart may be known as the classic girl-next-door turned bad-ass maven Betty Cooper on Riverdale, but her new project sees her go in a much different direction. Lili Reinhart's Chemical Hearts trailer is basically the exact opposite of Riverdale. It might be about teen angst and young love, but one thing's for sure: Chemical Hearts doesn't involve fighting off serial killers.

The upcoming Amazon romantic drama stars Reinhart as Grace Town, a mysterious transfer student who walks with a cane and wears raggedy clothes (a far cry from Betty's put together look). She catches the eye of Henry Page, played by Austin Abrams (Ethan from Euphoria!), after she's chosen to co-edit the school newspaper with him (OK, that part's kind of like Betty). But, as they start growing closer, Grace gradually begins to shut Henry out, refusing to tell him about her life and what's really going on. Of course, this only makes Harry more concerned, as he starts learning just how complicated first love, heartbreak, and teenage romance can be.

“You are never more alive than when you’re a teenager,” he says in a voiceover in the trailer. “Your brain is flush with chemicals that can turn your life into a story of epic proportions, and yet, by the start of my senior year, nothing interesting had ever happened to me. Then something finally happened.”

In addition to starring in the film, Reinhart also served as executive producer on Chemical Hearts, and revealed in an interview that she was involved in the entire film's process. "It’s my first executive producer role," she told ELLE Canada. "I was a part of the process from start to finish – from the first draft to the script to the final edit – and it was such an incredible experience." And, though it sounds like a lot of work for the young star, Reinhart said that she loved every second. "I had the time of my life filming it and I wish I could do it again, which is, I think, pretty rare for people," she added.

In a separate interview, she revealed the main reason that she was so passionate about Chemical Hearts is that it portrays young love in a more realistic light, including the fact that "it f*cking hurts" sometimes. "These two people are struggling and Henry's projecting what he wants her to be onto her; that's a more adult topic in romance movies, it happens with like people in their 30s," she told Entertainment Weekly. "It's hard to watch a movie where the teenagers… end up together, like, 'Wow, that's fine. That's all happy!' But it doesn't really leave you with anything because it's not real. I like movies that leave an impact on you and make you think."

Chemical Hearts premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 21, so you have a few weeks to stock up on tissues — or watch Riverdale and Euphoria all over again — to prepare.