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The Iconic Louis Theroux Interviews We'd Love To See Revisited On Life On The Edge

The four-part series will be a serious trip down memory lane.

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It has been 25 years of Louis Theroux's BAFTA-award-winning films and series. With his trademark awkwardness and dead-pan interview style, he's spoken all sorts of individuals from all walks of life. There's been religious cults, swingers, drug smugglers, UFO chasers, you name it. It almost begs the question, is there anyone Louis Theroux hasn't met? Throughout lockdown, Theroux has been looking back at his incredible career for the upcoming BBC Two series Life On Edge where he'll be revisiting some of his most memorable documentaries and guests, to see how their lives have changed since he last spoke with them.

Speaking about the upcoming series, Theroux told the BBC: "For years I've wanted to go back and make sense of the programmes I've made, find out what happened to some of the contributors, update their stories, and see what all these many hours of making TV might add up to."

He added: "And, if nothing else, it was an interesting review of how my haircuts and glasses have changed over the years."

There's no word yet on exactly which interviews will be revisited in this series, but it's always fun to speculate. Below are the six interviews I'm hoping to I'll get the chance to see again

Nicky from Extreme Love: Autism

Back in 2012, Louis visited one of the best schools in America for Autism. He met the students and their families in order to learn more about the disorder, including then-teenager Nicky who made viewers chuckle when he decided to research the man researching him. It's a moment that's gone down in Theroux history as the documentarian became the subject. For that reason, Nicky is definitely someone I'd love to see more from.

America's Most Hated Family

You can't talk about Theroux's body of work without mentioning America's Most Hated Family. In 2006, Theroux followed the family at the centre of Westboro Church and what unravelled was so fascinating that the documentarian actually returned again in 2011 and 2019. The church is highly controversial — from picketing at military funerals to their extremely homophobic views. You can see why it's so reviled. Over 13 years, we've seen some members of the family ex-communicated and the loss of their patriarch "Gramps". In 2020, I'm curious whether America's Most Hated Family is still a tight knit.

Chris Eubank from When Louis Theroux Met...: Chris Eubank

You have to be pretty one-of-a-kind for Louis to devote a whole documentary to your life. From driving around in his large American truck to his famous monocle, former boxer Chris Eubank was one of the most memorable characters on British TV and deserves the spotlight once again. Between his whimsical vocabulary and snazzy outfits, Eubanks makes for excellent television. With his children now grown up and following in his boxing footsteps, it would be great for Louis and Chris to reconnect.

Lisa from Mothers On The Edge

In one of the more poignant episodes, Louis Theroux spoke to women in specialist psychiatric units that treat mothers experiencing serious mental illness. It was a tough but necessary watch. During the episode, we saw Lisa, a mum of three with extreme anxiety, as she attempted her first school run after an extended stint in the facility. She believes she'll never be "the same Lisa" but it would great to see if she, and the rest of the mothers, are in a healthier space since Louis first spoke to them.

Weird Weekends: Swingers

During one of Theroux's weirder weekends (they were all weird to be fair), Theroux travelled to Southern California to meet couples who were proud swingers. In 1999, he met Gary and Margaret Lee who hosted very sexy parties at their home. As society appears a little more open-minded in 2020, it would be interesting to see how many of the swingers are still, um... swinging.

Altered State: Love Without Limits

Unconventional love is a running theme in Louis Theroux's documentaries. Back in 2018, Theroux met polyamorous couples in series Altered State, including "thruple" Amanda, Nick and Bob. The Dungeons and Dragons-loving IT worker's three-way relationship seemed to work, even if love-making was sometimes a cringe-making subject. We also had the pleasure of watching a shirtless Louis in a "sensual eating workshop." It was an awkward watch, to say the least. Regardless, I think it would be interesting to see if polyamorous love does last the distance...

The Nazis

Who could forget when Louis travelled to Californa to meet members of the 'White Aryan Resistance', including 11-year-old twin sisters who had been taught to sing racist pop songs by their mother. Filmed back in 2003, it would be interesting to see if the current climate has changed or emboldened the self-proclaimed white nationalists. Then again, I would be happy not to hear those songs again, to be honest.

The BBC will announce premiere details for Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge soon.