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Don’t Worry: Delilah Will Be Back On Million Little Things Eventually

Her character has been gone for weeks.

Delilah on A Million Little Things via the ABC press site
Jack Rowand/ABC

Mild spoilers ahead for A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 7. It’s been weeks since anyone saw Delilah on A Million Little Things. She decided to take her dad to France for a month in Season 3, Episode 3 and was just about to come home in Episode 5 when her dad broke his hip on the way to the airport, forcing her to stay abroad for several more weeks while he healed. Then the coronavirus pandemic started and shut down the borders, so it’s now been four episodes that she’s been MIA. But rest assured that Delilah’s storyline will be featured again this season, as creator DJ Nash keeps telling fans to “wait for it” when they ask about Delilah on Twitter.

“Delilah and her predicament is an active part of this season. I don’t want to give away her story, but it’s something we’re tracking,” Nash said in an interview with the New York Post earlier this month. “She’s torn between being there for a parent who’s elderly and needy and being there for her children. I loved the idea of putting Delilah in this predicament … where she feels like she’s coming up short on both sides.”

Right now, though, the kids seem to be doing fine without her. In the March 25 episode, Darcy and Gary were still staying at the house to take care of Danny and Sophie while Delilah is gone. And Sophie seemed less than concerned that her mom was abroad as she joked about Target trips with Gary. The situation works out well for Maggie, too, since she’s staying in Gary’s apartment while he stays at Delilah’s. This arrangement will continue for at least another episode, as Gary and Darcy are pictured in Delilah’s bed in one of the press photos for the April 1 episode.

Jack Rowand/ABC

Delilah also isn’t slated to appear in that episode or the following one on April 7. When her storyline picks back up, we’ll likely see how she’s handling caring for her elderly father during a pandemic while separated from her children. And it’s possible one or both of them may come down with the virus. Nash teased to Deadline that Million Little Things’ characters won’t be immune to the effects of coronavirus.

“Our show lives in the authenticity of what really happens in the world. And so, statistically speaking, I would think someone they love gets COVID,” he said, adding that their experience with the virus will reflect the real world around them. “I know how scary it is right now. Our set, we’re doing every single thing we can to make that the safest place it could possibly be, while still at the same time making sure that 250 people, who have rent and mortgages, still continue to be able to keep going. And I think that this friend group is sort in that place too, where they want to be careful, but they also have to keep going.”

The pandemic is in its early stages on the show right now, and we know from real life that things got much worse in Europe before things ramped up in America. So Delilah’s harrowing experience in France is likely coming soon, and it will have an affect on the whole friend group.