12 Actors With The Most Nominations But Zero Wins At The Oscars

Glenn Close is now tied as the actor with the most nominations without a win.

Glenn Close & Amy Adams

The Weinstein Company

Michelle Williams — 4 Nominations

Brokeback Mountain, 2006 (Best Supporting Actress)

Blue Valentine, 2011 (Best Actress)

My Week With Marilyn, 2012 (Actress)

Manchester by the Sea, 2017 (Supporting Actress)

The Oscars love to award actors who play icons, so if Williams can’t win for playing Marilyn Monroe of all people, then what does she have to do?

Warner Bros.

Bradley Cooper — 4 Nominations

Silver Linings Playbook, 2013 (Best Actor)

American Hustle, 2014 (Best Supporting Actor)

American Sniper, 2015 (Actor)

A Star Is Born, 2019 (Actor)

We live in a world where Cooper, best known as an actor, has won a Grammy but not an Oscar. He has garnered eight nominations, including four as a writer and producer, without winning a single one.