Pabllo Vittar Is Booked & Busy

The Brazilian singer and drag queen opens up about performing with Madonna, and the songs she’s currently playing on repeat.

Two photos of Pabllo Vitar against a colorful background.

For Pabllo Vittar, Pride goes way beyond June. The Brazilian singer, who started performing as a drag queen roughly 10 years ago, has built a dedicated fan base amid political hostility toward LGBTQ+ communities in her home country of Brazil. But rather than retreat, they went global, and became a full-fledged pop star.

Vittar, who uses all pronouns, paved her way internationally with her debut single, “Open Bar,” a Portuguese version of Major Lazer’s “Lean On” that combines Brazilian influences with Western pop melodies and classic drag wit. Her success has led to collaborations with Charli XCX, Lady Gaga, and Major Lazer. In 2018, she made history when the latter’s “Sua Cara,” on which she’s featured, was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award. She became the first drag queen to receive a Latin Grammy nom.

This year, Vittar’s many Pride projects and performances are a “lot of work” but completely worth it. “It’s about sharing with my fans the joy of being who we are,” she tells Bustle over email. “Pride is all about being yourself more freely and louder!”

Pabllo Vittar performing in Berlin in Aug. 2023.Frank Hoensch/Redferns

Shortly after releasing a new album, Batidão Tropical Vol. 2, in April 2024, she also took on her first fashion collab, co-designing a Pride capsule collection with Adidas titled “Love Unites.” Her hope is “to show that when we talk about fashion and Pride, we are more than the colors on the flags.”

The result is a gender-neutral range of tops, jackets, sweats, and sneakers, most of which put a subversive spin on the colors of LGBTQ+ flags. “We are fluid and we can fit in different kinds of boxes,” they explain of the palette, which almost makes rainbow a neutral hue. “We decided to use all the colors that represent us and mix them together with an organic flow.”

As for their personal favorites? The collection’s mesh dress, its coordinating mini duffel bag, and her towering platform Gazelle sneakers.

Below, Vittar reveals her Pride Month playlist and teases some future projects.

What songs are on your Pride Month playlist?

First of all is my own “São Amores,” but also Urias’ “Cuntelectual” and Sevdaliza's “Ride or Die Pt. 2” with Villano Antillano and Tokischa. I just love those girls so much.

What drag queens have inspired you in your music and career?

The mother of us all, of course, Mama RuPaul! But after her, a lot of drag queens inspire me.

Your friend and collaborator Charli XCX is making waves with her new album, Brat. What was your first impression of the album?

I love Charli so much! She is just amazing. I can’t wait to collaborate with her again. She was in Brazil this week, and I couldn’t go to her show, but I’m obsessed with everything about the album. The way she’s working it is just incredible. “360” is my favorite now.

Tell me about performing with Madonna at her monumental free concert in Rio de Janeiro. How did that opportunity come up?

Can you believe that Madonna sent me a DM on Instagram?! I freaked out instantly. It was a couple of weeks of holding on to that “little” secret and wishing that time would move faster to get to the show quickly. Madonna is the one responsible for pop music being the way it is, and a legendary icon in every single way.

Pabllo Vittar and Madonna during a rehearsal for their big performance.Wagner Meier/Getty Images

What was your favorite moment from the experience?

Being on stage with her was something I could never imagine. My favorite part was the rehearsals, spending time with her and her crew, and witnessing with my own eyes what an amazing person [she is], and how professional.

Can we expect more new music from you this year?

There are still three more songs from Batidão Tropical Vol. 2 to be released, [plus] some collaborations with amazing Brazilians and global artists for 2024, and also some little surprises I can’t talk about properly now.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.