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What To Know About Riley From The Bachelorette

He got Clare's first group date rose.


During the second week of Clare's Bachelorette season, Riley Christian proved to be quite the sentimental guy. First he gave Clare a thoughtful gift during the group date, then he invited her to have a sweet slow dance. That's why Clare gave him the group date rose. But there's a lot more to know about the 30-year-old New Yorker.

Riley’s Job

In college, Riley played Division I and Division II baseball after being drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies out of high school. He then went on to attend Syracuse School of Law and found a way to combine his passions: he's now an attorney and baseball agent for Reberth, an organization he founded that specializes in sports representation. According to the agency's official site, Riley "continues his baseball passion by helping players on their journey to the Majors."

Riley's Instagram

The Detroit native's Instagram bio reads, "Always be yourself." His latest posts are a mix of promo for The Bachelorette and wise words of motivation for his followers. On Oct. 15, he shared a photo of himself in a suit with the caption, "I just try to remind myself to keep it humble and keep it clean. You never know what tomorrow has in store." On Sept. 29, he shared a park bench selfie and wrote: "Enjoy life. Chase your dreams. Live with passion."

Clearly, Riley works hard for what he wants — including Clare.