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Sarah From The Bachelor Has An "Up & Down Journey" With Matt James

Chris Harrison revealed she catches feelings for the Bachelor early on.

Sarah Trott on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 via ABC Press Site

As you place your bets on which Bachelor contestant will receive Matt James' first impression rose, keep an eye on Sarah Trott. According to Chris Harrison, the 24-year-old and Matt hit it off early, and she catches "very strong feelings" for him, fast.

As fans of the show know, the problem with falling hard for the lead quickly is holding those feelings throughout the entire show. In other words, their "bright initial spark," as Harrison called it, may fade under the pressure of the competition. Harrison added that the pair have a "very up and down journey," which is made evident by Sarah's emotional state in a season trailer. "When the new promo drops and you find out you’re an ugly crier," she wrote on Instagram on Dec. 23. Here's what else there is to "find out" about Sarah.

Sarah's Job

Sarah is a former broadcast journalist — she worked as an anchor and reporter for various local news stations, per her website. But when her dad fell ill with ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease, she transitioned to being his full-time caregiver and was inspired to share her story with the world. "I struggled to find other young women going through similar difficulties," her website reads. "I couldn't find many obvious resources or people my age who could relate to the issues I was going through." So she started a podcast and blog called From Here to Where, a platform she hopes will "change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together" through life's biggest challenges.

The Los Angeles native is also a signed model with Otto Models, per her Instagram, and is represented by Innovative Artists talent agency. Oh, and she's a trained fire dancer, per her ABC bio. There's even a TikTok to prove it:

Sarah's Instagram

As a multimedia professional, Sarah is just as active on Instagram as you'd expect her to be. Her bio calls her focus "wellness + empowerment," and her page features lots of modeling shots with thoughtful captions, aesthetically pleasing sunset scenes, informative videos (i.e. what it's like to receive a vitamin-infused IV drip), and cameos from her dog, Charlie. If she has it her way, Matt will join the grid very soon.