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This 'Bachelor' Contestant Already Fell For Matt James

Serena Chew is head over heels.

The Bachelor journey can be a wild one, but Matt James' contestant Serena Chew is an adventure-seeker who seems more than up for the challenge. On night one, Serena C. charmed Matt after tripping up the steps to meet him, only to recover quickly and slip in an impromptu joke. "It's been five seconds and I'm already trippin' off you," she quipped.

As it turns out, Serena's fall wasn't exactly accidental. In December, Chris Harrison revealed on the Meet the Women livestream that the 24-year-old planned on tripping in hopes of being caught by Matt (dramatic, we know). While it's too soon to tell whether the fall worked in her favor, there are a few hints on her ABC bio that prove the two could be compatible.

Per Serena's description, she's looking for a man with a successful career who is also willing to drop everything and travel the world with her. Specifically, she's looking for a man with "charisma, good character and someone with whom she can have a strong physical connection." Certainly, the 29-year-old commercial real estate broker fits the bill. But is Serena the right match for him? Here's what we know so far about the free-spirited, mimosa-loving, birthday-obsessed contestant.

Serena's Job

According to her ABC bio, Serena is a flight attendant from San Francisco, which is a fitting career for someone who "loves adventure and is always up for a good time." The contestant's job seems to have taken her all over; trips to Paris, Tulum, and Lake Tahoe are all documented on her saved Instagram Stories.

Harrison praised Serena C.'s career during the Meet the Women stream, explaining that contestants with her career typically have "a worldly view, obviously travel a lot, have great personalities, and at any moment, they're willing to get us out of any burning situation."

Additionally, Serena C. seems to have a love for clothes and may have ambitions to become a fashion blogger. According to Women's Health, the reality star once ran a now-defunct blog called serenaissance, where she posted renaissance-inspired looks. She even doubled down on the importance of good style in her Instagram bio, which says, "No such thing as being too overdressed."

Serena's Instagram

Serena C. posts on Instagram often, documenting her latest looks and all of her most recent adventures to national parks and other outdoor destinations. The fashion-lover hasn't yet posted anything about appearing on The Bachelor (other than adding it to her Instagram bio), but given her love for the platform, it seems like something fans can look forward to.

What Is Serena C. Looking For?

It seems that Serena C. is looking for someone who will fit seamlessly into her luxurious, jet-setting lifestyle. In addition to finding someone willing to travel alongside her, she's also looking for someone who will go out on fancy date nights that involve "taking in the sunset over good champagne and a thought-provoking conversation." And even though she's competing with several other women for Matt's heart, he's going to have to work just as hard to capture hers. According to her bio, "It really takes a special kind of man to lock her down."