This New Netflix Show Is Like A Really Extreme Version Of Queer Eye

Just add in surgical knives!

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Skin Decision: Before and After on Netflix Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Dr. Sheila Nazarian's new Netflix series may have only debuted on July 15, but she's already hopeful that Skin Decision will return for Season 2. "I think it's gonna do really well. If Queer Eye did well, this will do well," she said during an appearance on The Xander Effect podcast.

Like Queer Eye, Skin Decision makes over deserving people from varying backgrounds in order to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin. It just has "knives, needles, and lasers" in place of the Fab Five, Nazarian explained.

In each episode, she and celebrity skin expert Nurse Jamie meet a client with a trying story that has, in some way, taken a toll on their body. In Episode 1, for example, they surgically hide a woman's gunshot wounds that would retraumatize her each day, helping to both eliminate the pain and bring her some emotional healing.

Netflix hasn't yet renewed Skin Decision for Season 2, but if it's anywhere near as successful as Queer Eye, an announcement shouldn't take long. Nazarian is already pretty busy: in addition to being a plastic surgeon, she runs her own spa and skin care line. But if Netflix brings the show back, she'll be happy to carve some more time out of her schedule. After all, it took "6 different show idea pitches and 7 years" to bring Skin Decision to screen, she wrote on Instagram.

"I'm super excited to see where it goes," Nazarian said on Xander Effect. "It's kind of an adventure."

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