All of Pixar’s Adorable Short Films Are Available to Stream on Disney+

There is truly a Pixar short for every single emotion, whether you need a wholesome laugh or a quick tearjerker.

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Anyone who grew up on Pixar movies knows that no matter how many times you watched the film on VHS at home, nothing could ever quite compare to the sheer joy of watching it for the first time in theaters. The experience was incomparable not for the buttery popcorn or the surround sound, but because it meant that before every movie started, you got to check out the newest Pixar theatrical short. These adorable little films packed an endless amount of emotion into just a few quick minutes, and some have even gone on to bring home some hardware at the Academy Awards.

Fortunately, Disney+ has made it a whole lot easier to enjoy Pixar shorts, as they’re all available to watch on the streaming platform. If you haven’t already signed up for Disney+, it’s definitely worth it just to gain access to all of the short films. Here are a few standout shorts—old and new—that you can watch as many times as you’d like with Disney+.


“Luxo Jr.”

Featuring the now-iconic Luxo lamps, Luxo Jr. was Pixar’s first short film, and was nominated for an Academy Award for its groundbreaking (and iconic) animation.

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“Geri’s Game”

Attached to the 1998 theatrical release of A Bug’s Life, Geri’s Game told the story of a man who played an intense game of chess against himself. Years later, it’s still just as hilarious (and borderline creepy) as it was when it premiered.

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“Knick Knack”

If you have ever had a hard time tossing novelty trinkets... it may very well be due to the fact that you watched Knick Knack as a kid. This sweet little short follows a snowman’s journey as he attempts to escape his souvenir snow globe to hang out with a plastic mermaid.

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“Auntie Edna”

While most of the shorts introduce viewers to obscure characters that only exist within their films, 2018’s Auntie Edna gave us the opportunity to spend more time with some beloved characters from The Incredibles. Edna Mode and Baby Jack-Jack could probably inspire a whole television series, but for fans of Disney’s most popular superheroes, seven minutes is a pretty solid start.

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A film about a mother who lovingly cares for a dumpling that came to life after her son left home, Bao is definitely one of Pixar’s most popular shorts. It won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Short Film, and inspired a Funko figurine for anyone who would like a smiling Bao of their own in real life.

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